Telehealth User Setup (article)

Telehealth User Setup  (what you need to know)

  1. Setting -350 should have a company email address 


  2. Each user needs an email address and phone number on their personal PIMSY account.

  3. You also need to make sure you have a phone number set up on the Default Location under Administration > Organization ManagementLocation


  4. The profile rule Telehealth Open and Use must to be assigned to the user's profile.


  5. A test client needs to be setup with a valid email address for testing purposes. (real clients will need a valid email address to receive the Telehealth session details).


  6. Make an appointment with the user and a test client.

    Pressing  the Telehealth button on the appointment will prompt PIMSY to register the new user with Secure Video and send them an email for resetting their password.  They should follow the instructions in the email. Secure Video equipment and compatibility


  7. This will open the Schedule a Telehealth Session dialog box where you can schedule a new session with Secure Video.  The Create button creates the session and the Go to Session link will take them to the session in Secure Video's website.


*** We HIGHLY recommend setting this up and testing it on your device prior to an actual appointment with a client.  Your device settings for microphone and video may need to be changed so please do a test session first.




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