Auto Note Creation (article)

PIMSY can automatically create either Progress or Assessment Notes upon completion of a Request. This will require some setup by your PIMSY Administrator.

  1. Go to Setting Management and set the following:
    -580 when True, will automatically create a note when the request is completed
    -581 when True will determine what category of note will get created. Progress or Assessment. This is usually set to create Progress notes.
  2. Be sure the appropriate Billing Code(s) have been created and applied to the client(s) or user(s). You can only apply one code per request but you can send multiple requests in a day. Check the box in the Billing Code column that says, "Allow Multiple Notes Per Day."

Create and Save (send) a Request. Once the request has been completed, you can Save the request and either use the button Generate Client Note or the note will be created automatically, depending on the settings in your PIMSY.

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