Wiley Treatment Plans (article)

Treatment Planners, such as Wiley, provide all the elements necessary to quickly and easily develop formal plans that satisfy the demands of most providers.

  • Organized around the most commonly encountered presenting problems
  • Provides thousands of carefully-crafted, concise statements that describe problems, goals, objectives and interventions

Fortunately, PIMSY comes with the Wiley database already installed. (for just Platinum?) Wiley Treatment Plans are connected to the active diagnosis on a client. It brings in an extensive library of presenting problems, subsequent goals, and any interaction/support for those goals.


While in the Treatment Plan area in a client’s chart, select a Treatment Plan Type and highlight the last row under Presenting Problem to create a new entry. Click on the Wiley Practice Data button to access the database.


Since the Wiley database is VERY large, a window will appear that says it may take a minute or more to bring up the Wiley library. Click Yes.


Once the database is available, open a Presenting Problem and select a Goal. Under a Goal, you can select Observations and Intervention/Support. When you are finished with your selections, click on Import Presenting.


When the presenting problem, goals, observations and Interventions have been imported, they will display in the Treatment Plan.


The new presenting problem and associated Goal will now be listed in the client’s Treatment Plan. Double-click on the Goal to edit if needed.

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