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Inventory Management


With PIMSY Inventory Management, medicines provided by your practice and/or those your clients may bring with them, can be entered and tracked per client. This feature allows for dosing and/or inpatient dispensing. In Inventory Management, a Material (medicine) is connected to a Container which is connected to a Client.

Note: a material or container can only be deleted if they have never been connected. If they are connected, simply remove the Active check box on either the material or container page and Save. To view inactive materials or containers, Filter for Active: NO.


Administration > Inventory Management

  • Material Management (medicines)
  • Container Management (medicine containers)
  • Container Manual Count (manual count of container contents)
  • Supplier Management (medicine suppliers)

Client Chart > Medical tab > Medical Details / Assessment History > Med Containers


Go to Material Management where you can select an existing medication already set up by your PIMSY administrator, or you can create a new one.



Material # - auto fills when medication is selected from Existing Medication or on Save when creating a new one

Existing Medication – list of medications already set up in PIMSY

Material Name – name of the selected material; auto fills when selected from the existing medication dropdown menu

Optional Fields for Selected Medication:



Lot #

P.O. #

Expiration Date

Unit of Measure


RX Code

NDC Code


Alert Volume – lets you know when the container has been reduced to a specific number

Alert User Group – who is alerted when the volume is down to the specified number

Additional Details (button) – Q&A for the selected material that is set up by your PIMSY administrator if needed.



Administration > Inventory Management > Container Management

In Container Management, the Material (medicine) will be connected to a container (bottle, box, etc.). This allows you to keep track of how much material is used from a container.



Description – for the selected container

Type – of container, bottle, 12-pack, etc)

Location/Room – where the container is kept

Client – which client is associated with this material/container

Container # - auto filled when saved or can be hand keyed.  (Must be at least 8 characters)

Alert Volume – when to send an alert that the volume in the container is too low.

Alert User Group – who to alert

Parent Container: if there is a larger container for this container


Usage Log – tracks usage via PIMSY

Count Log – tracks manual counts of material in containers


Labels – print labels for a Container – see below for instructions

Assign Material – connect a Material to a Container

Additional Details – Q&A created by your PIMSY Administrator

Assign a Parent Container (button) – use this if you need to select a parent container. Additional containers, such as shelves, drawers, etc., can be created to act as Parent Containers.

Update – manually edit the container count and/or Move to New Container if there is one available for a selected Material

Move to New Container - select a different container for this Material. There must be another container already created for the material you want to move.



Begin by typing a Description, select a Type and Save.


You can create an empty Container by saving before you Assign Material. Once you Assign Material, you must enter an amount of contents in that Container.

When you go back to the Material, there should be a container listed in the bottom section. (if the Material window is still open, close and reopen to see the newly connected container for that material)

To make changes to an existing Container, select that container, make changes, and Save. If you need to manually edit the container volume, click on the Update button.


Edit the Amount Used and add Remarks (required) about why the manual adjustment was made on this Material.


Back in the Container window you can print the barcode label associated with this container. See below for setting up the barcode for a Material in the eMAR section of PIMSY.

Click on Labels to print a label with the barcode.

Select the appropriate Report and click Preview Report.


Select the print icon to print the label.


eMAR Barcode Setup

To set up the Barcode, go to Clients > eMAR (also see this article on using eMAR in PIMSY)

Select a client and click on the Edit button.  

If you have a barcode scanner, you can scan the barcode on an existing Material container. If you have preassigned a Container to the eMAR record, the system will automatically pop up the Usage Log screen when you dose the medication and save the status as Administered / Taken on Site or Take Home Given.

Alternatively, you can place the cursor in the Scan Barcode Here field and scan or type the container number to bring up the Usage Log.

The Count Log is a list of the manual counts only. The Usage Log records all system counts. You can compare the number of drugs manually counted to the amounts the system has recorded.

If you click on the Pre Assign Med Container button, you can assign a container to be included in eMAR’s with that specific Material (drug).

The Recurrence button is for setting up multiple doses/time/days, etc. for that Material.



If you need to manually update a container amount you must do it in the Container Manual Count section. 

Go to Administration > Inventory Management > Container Manual Count



Enter Count Volume, add Remarks if needed and Save. Go back to the Container for that Material to see the update. Only Count Volume and Remarks can be entered or changed here.

Back in the Container window for that Material, if it is still open, click off that Material and back onto it to Refresh and see your changes.

Manual Count Profile Rules – there are several profile settings for Containers, one of which is the ability to enter manual counts. Your PIMSY Administrator will assign access to users appropriately so you may not see all information in the Inventory Management section.

Use Case:

The ABC Therapeutics practice dispenses drugs in their facility. The PIMSY Administrator creates Materials (drugs) and Containers for those Materials. When the client is dosed, the PIMSY system records the changes in the Material Container.

At the end of the day, the practitioners or other staff are required to manually count the amount of Materials left in a container. This allows the practice to compare manual counts to system counts to verify accuracy.

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