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We're thrilled to continue to bring our customers an in-depth exploration of the latest advancements in our EHR system. Join us and learn how PIMSY EHR is revolutionizing healthcare management and enhancing patient care for your agency.


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5/17/2024 New Desktop Discover new desktop changes, including a sleek interface and enhanced functionality, to streamline user experience. These updates were designed with a focus on efficiency and intuitive design and will revolutionize your PIMSY experience.
5/24/2024 Schedule Preferences Streamline scheduling with precision and ease, revolutionizing how you manage your time and engage with clients. Additionally, learn how setting your preferences enables clients to add themselves to your schedule.
5/31/2024 Intake Assistant/Scheduling Assistant Jumpstart patient engagement and streamline the referral and intake process with PIMSY's Intake Assistant, significantly reducing administration time from clinical and support staff.
6/7/2024 Taking Payments/Time of Service Screen Effortlessly maneuver through our inclusive "Taking Payments/TOS Screen" feature designed to streamline the payment management process from initiation to completion.
6/14/2024 Messaging Uncover flexible messaging solutions to send reminders to clients and staff about upcoming appointments, renewals, and general communication, accessible via Desktop and Portal. We'll outline various communication channels enhanced by text-to-speech technology for effortless outreach.
6/21/2024 e-Prescribe PIMSY's integrated e-prescribe feature streamlines prescription management for behavioral health practitioners. With simple clicks, providers can electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies, facilitating swift access to medications and reducing the likelihood of errors.
6/28/2024 Billing Matrix / Exclusions Leverage PIMSY's Billing Matrix/Exclusion tool for meticulous billing control. Effortlessly adapt claims for non-standard scenarios, including the addition of specific provider modifiers. Attain accuracy at both payer and billing code levels, with options for supervision and dual signoff, guaranteeing precise, compliant billing and reducing errors.
7/12/2024 IOP/PHP Scripts With PIMSY, users can concentrate on documentation by recording individual services precisely. When predefined parameters are satisfied, PIMSY automatically generates billable per diem services, effortlessly maintaining compliance with billing requirements.
7/19/2024 Form Building Unleash the complete power of form creation and utilization in PIMSY. Learn as we lead users through crafting personalized forms with a focus on simplicity and practicality.
7/26/2024 Tasks Master the utilization of PIMSY's Tasks feature, a potent tool for internal communication and task assignments concerning clients, appointments, notes, and users.
8/2/2024 Tags Discover the Tags feature, meticulously crafted to pinpoint client billing details, dispositions, and preferred pronouns seamlessly. Uncover its capabilities and seamlessly integrate it into the Provider Portal and Desktop applications for enhanced functionality.
8/9/2024 Creating Client Charts Discover the process of creating new clients and learn how to input various details such as demographic and contact information and medical and diagnosis data. Additionally, we will cover managing renewals and medications, assigning documentation and Q&A forms, and setting up a client portal login, providing a comprehensive client management experience.
8/16/2024 Authorizations Explore the robust toolkit available to enhance your workflow, such as leveraging Unit Tracking for code bundles, receiving system alerts as you near unit exhaustion or expiration, and assigning specific codes to staff or funding sources.
8/23/2024 AI Notes/PAISLY/Note Generator    PAISLY AI Assistant transforms the way clinicians and therapists generate clinical notes. Streamlining tasks saves valuable time and empowers clinicians to focus more on direct patient care aided by AI.
8/30/2024 Payroll Dive into our powerful "Payroll" feature designed for seamless payroll management. It facilitates automatic adjustments for recoupment or corrected claims, offers clinicians reports via PP, allows system settings to prevent double payments or session exclusions, and incorporates overtime tracking for comprehensive functionality.
9/6/2024 Renewals The Renewals feature streamlines the process of generating and handling renewal reminders for both users and clients. Discover how it guarantees timely renewals by effortlessly monitoring certifications, credentials, licenses, training, insurance, and more, all at specified intervals.
9/13/2024 Sending and Receiving EDEs With PIMSY, users can concentrate on documentation by recording individual services precisely. When predefined parameters are satisfied, PIMSY automatically generates billable per diem services, effortlessly maintaining compliance with billing requirements.
9/20/2024 Client Portal Discover our Client Portal, an intuitive central hub that empowers clients to access, view, and complete documents/forms, manage data, check upcoming appointments, communicate with their providers, and easily handle balances.
9/27/2024 Bed Management Unlock the potential of digitizing the entire inpatient treatment process using the PIMSY platform, boosting efficiency, communication, and quality of care.
10/4/2024 Financial Reports Accurate financial reporting is vital in overseeing agencies' billing, revenue cycles, and expenses. Develop customizable reports and analytics tools while implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive financial data.
10/11/2024 Provider Portal Our Provider Portal equips clinicians with streamlined efficiency in a user-friendly interface. Delve into how this groundbreaking solution revolutionizes daily workflows such as note documentation, client management, and form completion, ultimately streamlining patient care and elevating quality.
10/18/2024 Graphing on Client Chart Precise documentation in mental health is a fundamental and multifaceted practice essential for clinical, legal, ethical, and collaborative purposes. Discover the effectiveness of our graphing feature, which is designed to enhance care quality and facilitate seamless communication among mental health teams.
10/25/2024 eMar Equip your clients with tools for active involvement in their treatment while accessing treatment plan guidance as a provider. Our eMar feature offers a secure and fully compliant solution, streamlining documentation and enhancing the caliber of client care simultaneously.



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