Financial Reports - DevExpress (article)


PIMSY has integrated DevExpress, a 3rd party software that allows customization of Financial Reports.

To access these Reports, go to the Financial menu and select Reports at the bottom of the list.


Select any report to access the DevExpress Options panel.

Since the customized reports have a lot of features, we are providing links to further instructions available on the DevExpress website:


Joe Smith, an administrator for the ABC Therapeutic Group, wants to run some Financial Reports for the practice manager. He goes to the Financial menu, selects Reports and selects the first report to be prepared. Joe can set his own parameters for items, columns, formatting, etc., for each report. Default settings can be used or Custom settings can be Saved. Joe creates his custom report and runs it for his boss. He repeats the process and saves custom settings for each report. That way, Joe doesn’t need to recreate the custom settings each time a specific report is run in PIMSY.

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