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The document window in PIMSY performs much like MS Windows file management. However, you can still use the "Classic View" for adding and managing documents. Click on either Tree View or Classic View.

See below for Classic View instructions.

In the Tree or Classic views, folders can be created and files added to manage all documents pertaining to a specific section of PIMSY.

When a document is added to a Client Group, it will be displayed in each client's document tree.

Access the new Document window wherever documents are managed and stored in PIMSY. One example is the Documents tab on the Client Details page. In other areas, click on the Docs button.

You can also access Public and Private documents under the Utilities menu.


Go to any area in PIMSY where documents are uploaded and managed.

To create the first folder, right click on Document Type. The Document Types must first be created in Pick Lists.


To add or remove a Document Type, go to Pick List Management and select the Document Types tab (under Other). To remove a document type, select an existing line and click Delete. To add a new Document Type, select the bottom empty white row and add the Name, Description (optional) and select the appropriate additional functions, such as Add to New Clients. When you check Add to New Clients, the document type will be automatically added to a new client's chart. If appropriate, be sure the Document Type is Active.



The first time the Document window appears, there won’t be any folders or files.

If needed, click on the Notes tab at the top for quick instructions.

When you right-click over Document Type, a window pops up where you can select the Document Type and Add a New Folder.

When you click on Add New Folder, a new window appears where you add the folder name, optional description and Division. This folder will appear under Document Type.

To add a document, right click on any folder and select Add New Document.

The New Document window opens for you to add a Document Description and Browse for the file. Make Active if appropriate. Save. The new document will appear under the designated folder.

To add new main folders, go to the Document Type dropdown and select a different type or right click on an existing document type to add a new subfolder. Follow the instructions above for adding a folder and a file.

To delete a file, right click over the filename and select Delete Document. You can also View the file and/or Make InActive.

To delete a folder, remove all files in that folder, then right click over the folder and select Delete Folder.

To move a document, drag and drop it into a different folder.

The color legend indicates the current source/state of a document.




Thread Name – a name for the document “folder.”

Thread Description – optional description of document

Document Type – a “type” of document selected from a drop-down box



New Document – add a new document

View Document – view an existing document


Thread Name – name that was added in the top section

Description – optional description for document

Name – name of the file uploaded

Ext. – file extension for the document, such as .doc, .jpg, .xls, etc.

Active – document is active in PIMSY

Effective Date – date when the document should be Active in the system

Created Date – first date document was added

Created By – person who first added the document

Last Edited Date – last date document was edited

Last Edited By – last person who edited the document


To upload a new document, start on the last line in the top section, the one with the *. Enter Thread Name, optional Thread Description and then select the Document Type from the drop-down menu. (see Pick List instructions below for adding/removing document types)

Select the new line and click on New Document.

A box will open where you can upload your document. Give the document a description and Browse for the file on your computer. The Document Name will fill in automatically with the filename you attach. Click Save and Exit.

To remove a document, double-click the row in the bottom section you want to remove and click Delete in the popup window. Click Yes and Yes to delete the file.


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