Taking Client Photos in PIMSY (article)


PIMSY has the capability to take a picture of a client to be recorded in their PIMSY profile. If you are using a webcam already installed on your computer, PIMSY will find that device and utilize it for the photos.

If you are using an external camera, simply plug it into the computer (usually there is a USB cord with the camera). PIMSY will find this device and use it for taking photos.


Go to a client chart and right-click on the Take Picture icon.

Select Take Picture in the dropdown menu.

A window will appear with the live webcam or camera picture. Click on Capture to take the photo.

In the event the photo does not take the first time, click on Try Again.

Once you click Save, the photo will appear in the photo box.

Double-click on the image to see it in a larger format.

Right click and select Take Picture to retake or change the photo.

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