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PIMSY now offers access to a portal specifically developed for our PIMSY providers. From the portal, providers can fully utilize the PIMSY calendar and have access to Alerts, Requests, Payroll and more.

There are mobile apps in the Google Play store, an Android download or in the Apple store. The apps allow you to access your portal on your phone or other mobile device. See instructions below for using the PIMSY Portal on a mobile device.

Alternatively, you can reach the Portal via a web browser, such as MS Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The Support team will provide your web address and login information. Your web address will be:  [company acronym]

Providers can download instructions for Clients - see PDF attached to this article.

Fields & Buttons:

When you first log into the Provider Portal, you will see your calendar for the current day.


These are the main buttons and menus available:


Home - takes you back to the Calendar page

Clients - list of the Provider's clients with access to their charts


Note List - notes associated with the Provider's clients


T today – changes the current view to the current day

New Appointment – opens a new appointment window; the fields in this window work the same way as a PIMSY My Sal Calendar appointment window on your computer.

Dashboard – when an appointment is not selected, the dashboard shows a window with synopses of Latest Alerts, Requests, and Payroll related to the user logged into the portal. When an appointment is selected, the dashboard displays information about that client.

Provider Dashboard:

Refresh – reloads the current window

M month W week  D day – changes the calendar view to a full month, a week or a day at a time

Patient Dashboard


Appointment Window

Click on an appointment and click Edit to make changes.

When you click to edit an appointment or open a new appointment, a window opens with options and details about that appointment. Use the Delete button in an appointment window to remove an appointment.

The background color can be customized from the open window. This is also where you can delete an appointment.



When you click on the Note button, a new window appears where you can create, edit and save a note for the selected client.

When you have completed at least the Client Name and Billing Code, Save the new appointment in order to access the Note area. First the system will ask what kind of note you need. There will be new options available soon. The Note section works the same way as the Notes in PIMSY.

Mobile App

The Provider Portal can be accessed on your mobile device. The functionality is the same but the screens may look a bit different from the windows on your computer.

Once you download the app to your mobile device and access the PIMSY Provider Portal, a navigation screen appears. This screen will only appear the first time you access the app. Click on Submit to get to the login screen.

When you log into the app, the first screen is the daily Calendar. Just as on your computer, you can change the view to Month, Week or Day.


From here, the functionality is the same as the portal on your computer (see information above).

Click the lines at the top to open a menu.



Click the icon second from left with the plus sign to open a new appointment window or select an existing appointment to edit.


The T is for quickly accessing the current day (Today).

The Plus sign is for a new appointment.

Click on the Flower to access the main Dashboard. The last icon is to refresh the current screen.

The Arrows will change the view forward or backward from day to day, week to week and month to month.

Create and edit Notes from the appointment window or from the menu on the left.

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