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In areas of PIMSY where you can add notes, such as in a Treatment Plan, Assessment Notes, Progress Notes and in the Client chart under client Insurance, etc., there are Templates that can be used in the Notes box. The templates can save time when preparing notes or for inserting additional information. PIMSY users can also create new Templates for use in the notes areas.


Go to an area in PIMSY where you can add Notes. Right-click over an empty box and select Templates from the menu.

Select a template by highlighting that row and click Close.

The template content will now show in the Notes box.


Create a New Template:  go to one of the template windows via the menu. Select the bottom empty row and complete appropriate fields to add a new Template to that section, such as Insurance Notes or Treatment Plan New Goal boxes.

Use Case:

Bill Morgan, a therapist at ABC Therapeutics, needs to add some information to a client’s Treatment Plan but doesn’t want to type all the information in all boxes. The therapist right-clicks on the New Goal boxes to select existing templates that have been added for that section (Goal, Objective, etc.). He selects a template and clicks on the Close button. Now the desired information has been added without typing all new.

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