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The Conditional Formatting feature in PIMSY allows users to set personal preferences in grids with blue headers in PIMSY. This allows users to create “rules” for headers, columns, rows and/or cells in a grid. Conditional Formatting only applies to PIMSY on the current user’s computer, it does not apply to everyone in your practice using PIMSY.


Right-click over the blue header on a grid in PIMSY to access a menu. These grids would include Reports (Statistics), eMAR, Bed Management, Statements, Invoicing,  My Sal, etc.

Select Conditional Formatting and click on Add New Rule.

Select the column in the grid where you want the rule/format to apply (Rule applies on). Name the new Rule. Select the Cell Value you need for the rule. Enter a value for Value 1 and (optional) Value 2.

For example, you may want to set the background color for anyone with the last name Smith. Select Last Name in the Rule applies on dropdown box and Add “Smith” as Value 1. This way, all clients named Smith will have a set background color in Invoicing.

To set a color, click on the button on the right of Format.

Select a Format, such as TextAlignment, RowForeColor, and/or CellBackColor. Set your Rule details and Click Apply > OK. Repeat to add additional rules to rows, columns or cells.

If applicable, check the box next to Apply this rule to entire row.


The Administrator at ABC Therapeutics wants to set a range of specific billing codes with a colored background. She goes to the Invoicing screen, right-clicks anywhere on the grid and selects Conditional Formatting. She selects Billing Code in the Rule Applies on: dropdown box and names the new rule. The Cell Value for this rule should be is between [Value1] and [Value 2]. Now, Value 1 and Value 2 contain the range of billing codes (ex: 90801 and 96152) she wants to set a rule for in PIMSY. She does not want the entire row colored, so she does NOT check the box next to Apply this rule to entire row. She clicks Apply and OK.

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