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The Bed Management module allows you to track occupancy for multiple beds in multiple facilities. It will track which clients are in those beds and when those clients are expected to occupy or vacate those beds.  This module will also allow you to easily generate a census report and create daily residential notes for you.

There are two ways to access Bed Management:

The Bed Assignments menu item allows you to see the global list of beds and the current status of each. Clients > Bed Management > Bed Assignments


 The Bed Assignments button from the Client menu brings up the screen above which allows you to see the current bed assignments and select the bed for that client. This list is initially filtered by the location the client is assigned to but you can use the filter button to see all locations. You can also access the Daily Log area from the Client menu (see instructions below).

The Bed Assignment button from the client’s chart displays the screen below which allows you to see the current bed assignment for a specific client.

Client menu and Client chart Buttons & Fields:

Client Currently Assigned to, Client Not Assigned (Client menu) or Active Assignment (Client chart) – displays current bed location for all or a selected client.

Update Assignments – manually run bed assignment updates. The procedure runs each night but you can manually run the updates here.  This will update all the bed statuses to be current. 

Below is a view of a current picture of who is where before the nightly routine does it.

Bed Availability as of Date: - check availability of beds on a specific date. This is helpful when you are booking beds ahead of the current date.  Select a date in this field then hit the green Refresh button to list all the available beds for that date.

Filter – You can filter for several fields within the Bed Management area, such as Location, Room, Bed, Client, etc.


When you click the New or Edit button mentioned above, you will see the Bed Assignment screen below. This screen will allow you to make changes to all the fields mentioned below.

New, Edit and Delete – manipulate the current assignments or create new bed assignments.

New – create a new bed assignment

Edit – edit an existing bed assignment

Delete – remove an existing bed assignment

Location – where the bed is located, usually a facility

Room – which room in the facility where the bed is located

Bed – which bed is assigned to the patient

Client – which patient is assigned to that bed

Bed Status – tells you whether the bed is Occupied, Scheduled or Available

From Date – date the bed is or will be occupied; if the status is scheduled, PIMSY will automatically activate bed occupancy on this date

Expected End Date –date the bed is expected to become available

Actual End Date – actual date the bed became available. This must be entered for the bed to become available

Active – this bed assignment is currently active. The current date falls between the start and end dates.

Log – when checked, the current bed assignments will be logged each night; this marks them Present in the program.


Create Beds

Go to Administration > Organization Management > Locations. In the bottom window under Please enter Room information below create your rooms. Click Save. Enter the bed information in the Please enter Bed information below window. Click Save.

Manage Beds

The windows under the Client menu and in the client’s chart are for management of bed occupancy in an inpatient environment where you can assign or un-assign a client to a bed.

Go to Client menu > Bed Management > Bed Assignments or go to Client chart > Bed Assignment. From here, you can manage existing beds: New, Edit, Delete, etc.

Daily Log
To access the daily log, go to Clients > Bed Management > Daily Log

The Log can be used to note any nights when an assigned patient is or is not in the facility on a specific date. To make a change to a bed assignment for one night during a patient’s stay, go to the Log and uncheck Present.  This will tell the system that the client was not present in the facility for that date.  This will also tell the system NOT to create a daily note for them.

Recompile Log button will look at the existing current bed assignments for a specific date and create the log entries for you.

Notes will be generated when a user clicks the Generate Notes and Claims button.  This feature can also be automated by changing setting -497 in the system, which will turn on the Note Automation. The system will look at all Present entries and create daily notes for those based on the settings listed below.

There are several other settings -496, -493, -494 that are utilized for the automatic note generation.

Click on a Note number to view the note. Highlight the row and click the View Note button to view the note or the View Client button to go to the client’s chart.

Remarks – add any remarks about this bed assignment, such as “private room requested.” If the system cannot create a note for the client, the reason will be listed in the Remarks.

Use Case:

The ABC Drug Abuse Intervention team has 25 beds in their facility. One of the patients is assigned to a bed, however, the person was detained by the police and did not sleep in their assigned bed one night. To manage bed occupancy, the PIMSY administrator accesses the Bed Management area to record that the bed was occupied, but not that specific night. She goes to the Bed Management Log and un-checks the Present box to indicate the night the patient was absent. At that point, she uses the automatic note button for all of the clients who were in their bed that night, excluding the client who was incarcerated.

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