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E-Prescribe (eRX)


E-Prescribing is a prescriber's ability to electronically send an accurate, error-free and understandable prescription directly to a pharmacy from the point-of-care and is an important element in improving the quality of patient care.

To access eRX, go to Administration > Setting Management > System Settings and find setting -199. Set the number of years you want to be able to review the prescription in the future. The default is 4 years.


Make sure your default location has the complete address and phone number on it.

Go to Administration > User Personnel Folder > User Details and do the following (also do this for the office staff that will be registering clients):

Under the Q&A tab, select user profile RX-Profile Type (Only Choose 1) in the list or click the New button to add a profile.

To add a new profile, use the Question drop-down and select  RX-Profile Type (Only Choose 1). Select the appropriate Answer. Save and Close.

Go to the User Details page to be sure they have the following:

  • A complete address
  • Phone numbers
  • NPI number
  • DEA number

In Profile Management, there are four eRx rules that must be applied to the user and supervisor profiles.

Click the eRX Register button and follow instructions (if anything is missing it will let you know). When the user is correctly registered for eRX, the button will turn orange.


Select a client. Make sure they have the following information completed in their chart:      

  • Client phone number
  • Complete address ( address 1, city, state, & zip)

Click the eRX Register button  and follow instructions (if anything is missing it will let you know). When the client is correctly registered for eRX, the button will turn orange.


  1. Set up the supervisor as physician in the Q&A
  2. Make sure you have their details page completed
  3. Make sure they are listed as the user’s supervisor
  4. Register them with eRX as a prescriber or non-prescriber
  5. Register the user they are to supervise (see above)


  1. Select a client
  2. Go to the Medical tab
  3. Click the eRX Prescribe button

NOTE: If you are using a 64-bit computer, a notification will pop up that says . . .

When you have finished your prescription(s) and closed the eRX Prescribe window, click Exit on this button to completely exit Digital RX.

The following window will appear:

Type the name of the medication in the Drug Search box and click the Drug Search button to view a list for the selected medication.

Select a medication from the list and complete all relevant fields, such as dosage, delivery, units, quantity, etc. Click Next Prescription or Confirm Prescription(s).

Click on the <<Back button and click on Search Pharmacy to select the appropriate location. If you are not sure of the name, click Search Pharmacy at the bottom of the window to list all pharmacies in your PIMSY system.

Once you have clicked on Confirm Prescription(s), in the next window, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

There are many areas in Digital Rx that you should explore. Contact Support if you have questions or problems (see below for contact information).

Use Case

There is a Nurse Practitioner at the ABC Therapeutic Group who needs to write prescriptions during med-checks and is supervised by a physician in the group. The PIMSY administrator sets up the NP and the doctor to have access to Digital Rx.

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