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eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record)


eMAR is a medication administration software solution shown to improve patient safety and drastically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation. Clinicians can easily document medication administrations, vital signs, and other observations, and are alerted if clinical actions need to be taken.  Clinical alerts can be displayed visually within the medication administration software.

Hospitals using eMAR have documented a 33% reduction in medication administration errors, as well as a reduction of 45% in documentation timeeMAR speeds up the prescribing process for patients and physicians and complies with federal regulations.


Client – name of the desired client

Medication – name of the prescribed medication

RXCode – medication code

Status – status of the prescription issuance

Start Date – date when the prescription history begins

End Date –  date when the prescription history ends.

Dosage & Notes – medicine dosage and notes about the medication history if needed

Route – method of medicine delivery

Site – where the medicine will be delivered on the client’s body

Remarks – any remarks about this client and the selected medicine

Precaution Remarks – remarks about any precautions for prescribing the selected medicine

Buttons & Fields (New Record)


Top Menu:

Sign Details - Q/A with signature.

Note -


Schedule Next

Top Menu in Report Viewer


eMar Report - run medication reports on all or filtered clients. In the report window, there are print icons for printing reports. The left icon with the question mark allow you to select a printer and properties. The icon without the question mark automatically prints to your default printer.

New Record Window

Prescribed Med – medicine prescribed to the client (when presc med is selected, the medication and dosage are auto populated for that medicine)

Medication – specific medication for this patient

Dosage & Notes – medication dosage and any associated notes

Route of Administration – method in which the medication is administered (oral, injection, etc.)

Site – location on the body where the medication is administered (mouth, left arm, right thigh, etc.)

Status – status the medication administered

RXCode – prescription identifier

Quantity – how much medication is administered

Scan Barcode Here - the barcode on a drug container can be recorded here with a barcode scanner. The eMAR can also be associated with an existing Container during the container setup.


Administered By - only pulls staff with the eMAR Can Administer profile rule. By default, eMAR is filtered for users with this rule assigned to their profile. See Profile Management

Start Date – date medication is first administered

End Date - cannot be populated by the user on the initial save. The end date will be automatically calculated based on the status the eMAR is set to and can be changed on subsequent saves of the record.


Enabling eMAR:

Go to System Settings to enable eMAR in Profile Management.

Go to Profile Management [link] to enable eMAR for users who will be accessing this feature.

Using eMAR:

Go to the client’s chart and select the Medical tab.  Click on the Medical Details / Assessment History button.

Alternatively, go to Clients and select eMAR from the menu.

Select the eMAR tab. A New Record can be created or an existing medication history can be reviewed/edited.

Use Case:

Dr. Smith at ABC Therapeutic Group needs to prescribe a medication for his client. First, he reviews the eMAR to be sure the medication is safe and appropriate for the client. When he is satisfied, he goes to Digital Rx to prescribe the medication. The PIMSY staff manages the dosage for that client within the eMAR system. If the provider needs a printout of the report, the staff prints a copy directly from the eMAR Report window.

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