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If your company is utilizing Google Calendar Sync, users can access the PIMSY calendar from anywhere they have access to the internet and a Google account - Calendar.


In your Google account (if you have Gmail, you have a Google account), create a calendar and name it “PIMSY Calendar(very important to name it exactly like this). Once you have created your calendar, be sure you are completely signed out of your Google account for the rest of the setup.

Log into PIMSY:

Go to Administration > Setting Management > System Settings

Filter for “calendar” to access the settings for your calendar sync.

1 - System setting -233 Calendar – Allow Google Calendar Sync.

                Set the Your Value to True.

2 - Go to User Management > User Personnel Folder under Administration. Select the user you are setting up with Google Sync.

On the bottom left you will see Google Calendar.

Enter the Google account username and password that the Administrator or User has created in their Google account.

3 - Go to the MY Sal Calendar and make an appointment for the User’s client. It will then direct to you this web page:

Click the Accept button. This will allow appointments to go to the Google account calendar that is signed in at the upper right hand corner of the page. If this isn’t the email address you wish to use just click the arrow-down, click Add Account and enter the correct account to access Google.

Important note: The Google Calendar Sync setup must be done for each User. If appointments are made at the front desk, then this setup will need to be done at each of the administrative computers. It is a Google security feature that each computer must authorize with each email address.

If you have difficulty getting the sync to work the first time, go to My Account in the User’s Google account. Go to Connected apps & sites under Sign-in & security. Go to Manage Apps and click on PIMSY Calendar Integration. Click on the Remove button. This will allow you to go through the steps above again to get the User’s Google Sync to work.

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