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PIMSY allows you to set up supervisors and/or QP individuals with the ability to review their subordinates’ notes before final release. There are two distinct workflows for how notes can be reviewed and released.

  1. The first option is the most typical and allows for a clinician to write a note and release it for review at which time a supervisor can review it, correct it and release it themselves.
  2. The second option allows a clinician to write a note and release it for review. In this case, however, the supervisor reviews the note and returns it back to the creator for final release.

System Setup:

To review notes, you must be a supervisor of the clinician or the QP assigned to review the note prior to release by the person who created it.  The following system settings determine how the review process will work in your PIMSY.

-107 Allows the QP to release the notes on a client that require dual signoff. The QP does not need to be a supervisor of the person performing the note. Please use TRUE or FALSE.

-108 Requires all team members on a note to release their portion before the final note can be released by the creator. A setting of TRUE prevents the note from being released without all signoffs. A setting of FALSE allows the user who created the note to release it before all team members have released their portion.

-122 When set to TRUE, will bypass the typical note release setting that requires a supervisor to review and release notes flagged as dual signoff. The system will require a supervisor to review the note before the person who created the note can release it. When finished, the reviewer will check a box on the note that indicates it has been reviewed and is ready for release.

Be sure to check all settings related to reviews.

If you use both setting -107 as default TRUE and use setting -122 as FALSE, either the supervisor or the QP can review the note, but only the creator can finally release it.

When preparing a note, the clinician must select a bill code that is set for Requires Dual Sign Off.

To set a bill code for Dual Sign Off, go to the user’s personnel folder and assign a bill code. Check the box for Requires Dual Sign Off. Save.


Release = Sign Off

  1. A clinician prepares a note that requires dual sign off and checks the Released for Review
  2. The reviewer (supervisor) receives an Alert that a note has been released for review.

    The note is reviewed and if it is acceptable, the reviewer checks the Reviewed box on the note and clicks Save.

    This sends an alert back to the person who created the note, informing them to finally release it. The creator or the supervisor can release the note.
  3. If the note needs to be edited by the creator, the reviewer goes to Misc Q&A Tracking and clicks the New button.

  4. Select the question Review Remarks. Add comments and remarks to the note. These remarks are strictly for internal use and will not print with the note.
  5. Save the note.
  6. An alert is sent back to the creator, letting them know the note was unreleased pending changes. The creator makes the adjustments and releases the note for review once again.
  7. The process repeats. Once the note is correct, the creator can release it.

Note: If you are ready to release several notes at one time, check the box for Release All Notes. notes35.png

This will put a check in the Released column on the notes that are ready to be released. SAVE. If there are any problems with a note, you will be notified and those notes will not be released with all the others. Only users with the proper setting can utilize the Release All Notes feature.

Use Case:

A QP at ABC Therapeutics is assigned supervisor over two therapists. The PIMSY Administrator checks the system settings to allow reviews and assigns the appropriate profile and bill code(s)to the therapists so they can create notes and send them for review by their supervisor. The Supervisor receives an alert that notes have been released for review. He checks their notes and either sends them back for edits or Releases the note(s) for invoicing. Notes may be designated for only the creator of the note to release it or the Supervisor may also be allowed to finally release a note

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