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PIMSY provides the capability to accept credit cards for payments from clients. PIMSY users can store credit card information in the Secure Vault and process those credit cards from the Take Payments window.

In order to use the Credit Card processing in PIMSY, you must have an account with Blue Pay. For information on getting a Blue Pay account, contact PIMSY Support. PIMSY Support will link your Blue Pay account to your PIMSY. They will also be sure you have all the necessary information and hardware (card readers) to process credit cards.

Elements of Credit Card Section:


Process: when a person selects a Payment Method that contains the word “Card,” PIMSY will automatically open the Credit Card tab shown above. Also see section below on How to Add Your Own Payment Method.

Process via Card Reader – if you are processing a card via a reader you will need the reader attached to a USB port on your computer. When that option is selected you can click the Process button and PIMSY will walk you through the process.

Hand Key Card – when this option is selected you will be asked to hand key the card information into a PIMSY dialog box. Once that information is complete PIMSY will process the card. You will be asked if you want to save this card to the vault once the transaction has completed.

Process Card on File – when this option is selected PIMSY will process the default or selected card that exists on that client’s account. You can view information about the cards on file by hitting the “Select or Update Credit Cards on File” button show above. The default card will be ready for use automatically.

Void This Transaction – the void option will allow you to cancel transactions that have not been posted yet. Posting takes place at 2am Central Time. The Void process will update the dollar amounts on the existing transaction.

Refund This Transaction – the refund option will allow you to refund transactions that have already been Posted. The Refund process will actually create a new transaction that cancels out the existing one. The existing transaction will be left alone.


Process – this button will process the transaction in the manner selected to the left.

Select or Update Credit Cards On File – add, edit, process or remove credit card(s) on file for a client

Reswipe – reswipe the credit card in case of a problem or error


Confirmation # - traceable number for this transaction indicating it has been processed

Misc. Notes – add any relevant information about this credit card payment. Information about the transaction will show here.

BluePay Virtual Terminal - this link takes you to the Blue Pay login screen where you can view more detailed information about each transaction.


Select a client and go to a Take Payments area.

Select Credit Card in the Take Payments screen to process a payment via credit card.

Follow instructions above for the appropriate payment processing. The same instructions apply for any payments received via Take Payments areas in PIMSY.


To define your own payment method in PIMSY, go to Pick List Management and select Payment Methods.

Type your new payment method in the bottom blank line, check Active and, if desired, set it as Default. Click Save. If you are adding a credit card method, you MUST add the word “card” to the name. For example, if you want to add Visa, Mastercard and Discover as separate payment methods, you MUST name each one Visa Card, Mastercard Card and Discover Card. The word “Card” tells PIMSY to open the Credit Card window for you to complete a transaction.

Use Case:

The ABC Therapeutics Group has decided to accept credit cards as payment for their services. The PIMSY Administrator contacts PIMSY Support to have the capability set up in their PIMSY and purchases a Card Reader. When a patient arrives for an appointment who would like to pay by credit card, the administrator quickly accesses a Take a Payment screen and enters the patient’s card information in PIMSY. The payment can be made immediately plus the credit card information for that patient has been saved in their chart for future payments.

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Please ask your PIMSY Support representative how to get started: contact Support (email) or call 877.334.8512.



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