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PIMSY has the capacity for creating and utilizing many forms for clients and/or users (see Q&A Setup) [link]. These forms are easy to use when you need to collect important data for your records.


Clear / New – used for entering new data.


To complete and save New Data:

  1. Access a Q&A form and complete all relevant fields on the left panel.
  2. Save.
  3. The new data will appear in the right grid as the most recent active data.

At this point you can do one of two things:

  1. Modify entries by changing your answers on the left and the system will update them on the right by overwriting the existing data.


  1. Click the New/Clear button and enter new answers. The date at the top of the panel can be changed if you need to enter the data with a different date.

This refreshes the grid on the right with the new answers but does NOT overwrite what was there. You can now filter for the older inactive answers as well as the new data.

See this article for how to use the PIMSY Filter.

Using the Right Panel:

Adding Columns – In the right panel, go to the Column Chooser to add columns by right-clicking on any column header.

Grouping Questions/Answers - Questions and Answers can be grouped together by dragging a column header to the gray space above them.

Filtering Questions -
Use the Filter to locate specific questions, answers, etc. This can be helpful when printing reports. Whatever you filter for will be printed on the report when you use the Report button. The filter tool can also be used to list question/answer history if there have been changes.

Using Reports

See article on Reports

Printing Graphs - Use the Q & A Reporting Options and select “Include Graph.”

Sample Graph:

Use Case:

The PIMSY Administrator has created a form for users to complete named Annual Performace Review. Users who are supervisors are required to complete this form for each user under their supervision each calendar year. The users go to their personnel folder and click on Surveys to complete and sign the form. A report is created for the company administrators to review.

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