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The Company Q&A area allows your company to fill out, store and track various pieces of information that are not necessarily tied directly to a staff member or a specific client. Currently PIMSY provides four default tabs/questionnaires that you can re-label and make your own. The Platinum plan allows you to create unlimited forms. Examples of some types of information you may want to track in this area are: Bed Management, Client Waiting List, Staff Meeting Notes, On Call List, etc.

Select Category – a dropdown list of categories created in the Q&A area.


Go to Administration > Q&A Setup > Q&A Question Setup to create a Company Q&A form. See Q&A article for detail instructions.

Default Name – there are four default Misc Company Q&A categories available in PIMSY. If you are using PIMSY Platinum, you have the ability to add as many categories as needed in the following areas:

  • Client Audit
  • Misc Company Q & A

To create a new category, select a default in one of the above categories and click the New button at the top. Type the new category name in the Your Name field and click Save. Go to your new category to add questions.

Default Name – cannot be changed

Your Name –can be changed for your company’s purposes. Once you change the name and Save, you can create your questions.

Description – optional description for the category

Active –Q & A category is active in the system

Exposed On Portal – currently not an option for Company Q&A

Question – name for the question

Description – optional description for the question

Control – a dropdown list of question types

Include Remarks – allows the user/client to add remarks about the question.

Active – question is active in the system

Order – order in which the questions appear in the form

Pick List Type – a dropdown list of Pick List Types created in Pick List Management.

Change Category – if you have located your Q&A under an incorrect category, you can change it here to move the Q&A to the correct category.


If you need to set up new Pick lists for your questions go to Administration > Q&A Set up -> Q&A Pick List Management. See Pick List Management article.

Use Case:

The PIMSY administrator needs to create a new user survey that asks their satisfaction with their job. She goes to the Company Q&A area to set up the categories, questions, and answers for the survey. The user must log into PIMSY with a profile that allows access to Utilities >> Company Q&A to complete the form. Once the user completes the questionnaire, a report can be printed and signed if needed.

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