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The PIMSY Dashboard is displayed when you first log into PIMSY and once closed, is located at the bottom of the Main form and is specific to the User (Clinician) logged into the system. It provides a quick glance at information related to the day’s activities (appointments), notes, renewals, alerts and more. Refer to your Dashboard to save time when locating important and timely information.

Elements and Instructions:

Top Window – a calendar snapshot of all appointments for the current day are viewed by default. A specific calendar date can be selected by using the Date selection box.

Hover over a line in the calendar window to view additional information about that appointment.

Right-click on an appointment to open a menu with additional options.

Left-click on an appointment to see all the tiles related to that client in the bottom section.

Use the up arrow to close and open the appointment panel.


Notes – create a new note or view the last note written for the selected client

Client – easy access to the selected client’s chart

Calendar – easy access to the your Calendar

Refresh – refreshes the Dashboard appointment panel to view changes that may have occurred since you logged in.


All of the tiles are profile driven so users will only see the tiles that pertain to their specific job or role in the company.

Blue Tiles – contain read only information about the selected client. There are tiles for Diagnosis, Labs, Renewals, Demographics and more.

White Tiles – geared more toward administrators and billers. Depending on profile access these tiles will show information about the daily activities of the company as a whole. There are pie charts related to productivity and billing, appointment statuses and more.

Green Tiles – created for the specific person logged into PIMSY. They will show information about issues that person needs to be aware of for that day, such as upcoming renewals, new alerts, notes that need to be released and more.

Your tiles may include – remember, you will only have tiles that are in your role or profile:

Client Miscellaneous

Scheduled Appointments


Last Note


Med Allergies


Check List

Client Requests


Billing Info

Client Group


SAL Status


Notes to Start

Unreleased Notes



SAL Status

Unreleased Group Notes


Documents to Sign (NEW April 2019)

Documents to Sign

The Doc’s to Sign tile indicates the number of docs that need signature(s). The tile below shows that there are 2 documents waiting.

When you click on the Doc’s to Sign tile, it goes to a list of those documents.

Use the View button to check the document and add signature(s). The Assign button is for adding users to this document. Refer to this article for details on adding signatures to documents.

We will be adding more tiles as we get feedback from our users. Please feel free to offer up suggestions for new or improved tiles.

Use Case:

Jack Jones, a clinician at ABC Therapeutics, just logged into PIMSY and reviews his Dashboard to see what appointments he has today, notes that need to be written, and any upcoming renewals, such as a certification or license. Jack hovers over an appointment to view more information and selects an appointment to view additional tiles related to that client. When changes are made, Jack Refreshes his Dashboard to view those changes.

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