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PIMSY offers a method for creating and utilizing MS Word Templates for use in client’s charts. These documents are created as templates and completed from various places in the system. Users can create a MS Word document using “tokens” as placeholders that will pull information in the client’s chart into the document such as Name, Address, etc.

The purpose of the WordMerge feature in PIMSY is to allow our clients to create and edit templates, such as a Face Sheet, from within the PIMSY software in order to use them in Reports. These reports will contain pre-populated information from the patient’s chart as designed in your template.

The spell checking option is available on the WordMerge forms.


There are two actions that must be done before a MS Word Document template can be created, edited, or utilized:

  1. Activate the document in the Document Type Pick List
  2. Store the active document template in Public Docs with the appropriate Document Type


Go to Pick List Document Types, add a new document type or select an existing and check the box in the column Is Fillable Word Template.

Add that document template to Public Docs with the appropriate Document Type. Be sure your template is saved in MS Word format. Check Active.

To edit the MS Word document, go to Public Docs and select your template via the View Document button. Notice in the bottom window there are editing tools available for MS Word documents. The User will need permissions to Modify and or Insert Public Documents via their Profile.

Refer to the Token List to add specific information to the template that will be populated from the patient’s chart.

In WordMerge, a Token is a snippet of text that provides a piece of code where the system will read and respond. A sample template document with Tokens is HERE.

For example, under Client Details in the Token List, copy <<FullName>> to the appropriate section on your document (see image below).

Add Tokens as needed in the template.

Save the template once you have finished adding all the Tokens needed.

To apply a template, go to any patient Reports menu (brown leaf button) and under Additional Reports, select the template.

The Word Merge feature is also integrated with the Digital Signature pad. For documents that have a signature section, you can use your signature pad to sign and save a signature in the template.

If the document was signed, it saves as a PDF. If not, it is saved as a MS Word document. When accessing a Report using a template, the document can be saved to the Client’s chart.


For example,

From the My Sal Calendar, right-click on an appointment to access a menu and select Additional Reports.

Select the desired template. When you access the report, the document will be populated with the client’s information. Now you can Save the populated report document to the Client’s Chart.

Use Case:

The PIMSY administrator at ABC Therapeutics has been asked to create a template to be used for Treatment Plans. She goes to the Document Type pick list and creates a new Document Type (checks Active) for Treatment Plans. Then she creates a MS Word document with the appropriate Tokens and saves it in the Public Docs folder. She checks the document as Active. The document she created can now be used with Treatment Plan Reports and/or edited within PIMSY Public Docs in the event changes need to be made.

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