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Q&A (questions and answers) modules allow you to create your own customized fields and forms throughout the system. This feature allows you to customize Notes, Charts, Personnel Folders, Treatment Plans, Audits, Surveys and many other areas to fit the needs of your practice.


Go to Administration >> Q&A Setup >> Q&A Question Setup


Default Name – system name of the Q&A Category (cannot be changed). There are different categories of Q&A questions. Usually each category is under its own tab somewhere in the system. Sometimes these categories are referred to as forms if they are in their own tab.

Your Name – what you want to name the category. This name will appear on the Q&A tabs in the system. For example, a default category is Client Survey I which has been renamed Depression Test. The questions for that category are listed in the bottom section. You must log out of and log back in again to see your new name on the appropriate tab in the system.

Description – optional description for the category.

Active – check this if you want this category to appear in areas of the system.

Exposed On Portal – if the category is one that appears in the client’s chart, you have the option of exposing this form in the client portal. The client can then complete these questions from home. This feature is not currently available for user forms or Company Q&A.

Last Edited Date – last time the category was edited

Last Edited By – last person who edited the category

Decision Support - see instructions below


Question – new or existing question for something you need to track in the system

Description – optional description of the question

Control – type of answers, such as Pick List, Image, Yes/No, Free Text long or short, etc.


Include Remarks – enables the person answering the question to add remarks to their answer

Active – question is active in the system. This determines whether or not it appears in the system

Order – the order in which the question will appear in the Q&A category

Pick List Type – if the answer control is a picklist, you will need to first create the pick list answers and then select which picklist the system should use for this question.

Change Category – if you have located your Q&A under an incorrect category, you can change it here to move the Q&A to the correct category. The dropdown list in this column has been created in the PIMSY system and cannot be changed.


Go to Administration >> Q&A Pick List Management

Pick List Types

Name – name of the new Pick List item

Description – description of the new item

Order – order in which the pick list item will appear

Pick list Values:

Pick List Value – topic for the pick list item

Description – description of the pick list value item

Order – the order in which the value will appear in the question

Misc. Value – a text item in a pick list can be added to give a particular text item in the pick list a numeric value that can be used in a graph or summation

Default – this value is not currently utilized

Active – item is active in the system

Instructions: see also Pick List Management


If needed, first go to Administration > Q&A Set Up > Q&A Pick List Management to set up any questions that will be the Pick List type.

This area contains pick list questions and answers specifically for Q&A. Select an item in the top under Pick List Types and view the Pick list Values in the bottom window.

To rename an item, double-click on the name and type the new one. Be sure to Save after every change.

To add a new item, go to the bottom row in the top window and type the Pick List Type name. Save.To add values to the new item, select the Type and list them in the bottom window. Save. You will need to go to Utilities -> Refresh Pick List to force any new Picklists to appear in the list.


Once you have added or changed the desired Pick List items for Q&A, go to Administration >> Q&A Set Up >> Q&A Question Setup.

Notice the Default Names (categories) are grouped and colored by where they are located in the system. For example, items in tan are Assessment Note items, the ones in red have to do with Client Audits and blue is for Client Consent forms and other client printable reports.

To create a new Q&A question go to the desired category and add a new question to the question list. Only client specific categories can be exposed on the portal. Save.

Be sure to Refresh Pick Lists (under Utilities) if you have made any changes to your Q&A Pick List setup.

If you are using PIMSY Platinum, you have the ability to add as many categories as needed in the following areas:

  • Client Audit
  • Misc Company Q & A

To create a new category, select a default category and click the New button at the top. Type the new category name in the Your Name field and click Save. Go to your new category to add questions.

Control Types

Note: Every Q&A question must have a selected control. Controls are set in the system and cannot be changed.

Agree/Disagree - for questions that only require Agree or Disagree

Date – date form is completed

Date with Time – date and time form is completed

Free Text Long – gives the ability for clients or users to add a large amount of text, such as additional information or comments

Free Text Short – gives the ability for clients or users to add a smaller amount of text

Image – gives the ability for clients or users to scan and upload an image

Integer – for questions that require numbers

Mild/Severe - for questions that only require Mild/Severe

Never /Always - for questions that only require Never or Always

Number with Decimal – allows for an answer that requires a number with decimal places, such as a percentage

Pick List – selecting this control requires selection of the applicable pick list set up prior to question/answer setup

Scale of 1 to 10 – allows for an answer to a scale of 1-10 question

Section Header – inserts a header in the form to divide sections

Sign Off by User (Yes/No) – A simple sign off by the user by selecting Yes or No

Signature Pad – adds the ability for the user or client to sign the form using a saved signature

Yes/No – for questions that only require a Yes or No answer


A PIMSY administrator has selected the category Client Survey I, named it Depression Test and added questions to the test.

For each question, the administrator selected a Control, such as Yes/No, Mild/Severe, Pick List, Scale of 1-10, etc.

In the Order column, the questions are numbered in the order they will appear in the form.

Why are some questions numbered high, such as 200-950? For preset questions, that is the order in which the question will appear in the form. If you use increments then you can insert new questions between them.

Sample Q&A Question Setup


Sample Form

How to use Decision Support with Q&A

Decision support can be placed on any question in the system that has an actual numeric value. Decision support needs to be turned on in the System Settings area. When users enter numeric results into the Q&A answers the system can compare these answers to previously set up Decision support criteria and give the user a warning or message box.

For example, you may want to give the user some specific information when a person’s BMI is over 25 or 30. Usually these alerts have specific education resources that go along with the particular result.

Where to find Q&A forms?

Q&A entries are found in many places in PIMSY. Most of the Default Names should indicate where they are found, such as Client charts, Company Q&A, Progress notes, Assessment notes, etc.

For example, Client Audit 1 is found in the client’s chart under the Audits tab. Misc Company Q & A is found under the Utilities tab. A form for Assessment Note Family History is found within the Assessment Notes section.

What is WHODAS?

World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule. This category shows under the Diagnosis tab in the client’s chart.


Go to the Survey, Demo/Q&A or other location where you have added Q&A questions and answers. For example, go to a client chart and click on the Surveys tab.

Click on the left Report button (brown leaf). A box will appear with some options for you to select for your report.

Print Options:

Include Company Logo – print your company logo on the report

Include Company Header Info – print a company header defined in the Organization Management setup.

Include Title – select the existing report title or changed it in the New Title box

Include Data in the Right Hand Column – date and person who completed the questionnaire.

Include Print Date – date the report is printed

Include Page Numbers –numbers on the report pages

Include Signature Page – a signature page for the report. If your PIMSY administrator added a question on the Q&A named Sign Off by User (Yes / No) the signature of the user will automatically appear on the report if it has previously been electronically stored in the user’s personnel file.

Include Disclaimer –a disclaimer that has been created in the System Settings (see below).

Include Graph – a graph for the report

Hide Report Details –report shows Edited Date and Edited By on the right side of the report.

Select the desired options and click Print.

Click the Print button.

The brown leaf button on the right produces a Lite version of the report that typically includes less information. For example, the Lite version of a client statement only includes information about client payments owed but not insurance amounts paid.


Go to Administration > System Settings and filter for setting -44 Report Footer Disclaimer. There is an existing disclaimer you can use or create your own in the Your Value: field. Save. The disclaimer will now print on reports where that option has been selected.

Use Case:

The ABC Therapeutic Group needs a form where staff members can answer important questions regarding their employment. One of the questions will require a specific set of answers that are not already available in the PIMSY system. The PIMSY administrator goes to the Q&A Pick List Management area and creates Types (categories) and Values (answers) for the appropriate question, such as “Are you satisfied with your job duties?” For that question, a Pick List Type named “Job Satisfaction” is created with a selection of possible drop-down answers “Dissatisfied, Satisfied, Very Satisfied.”

When the required Pick List is created, the administrator goes to the Q&A Question setup area and creates the necessary form by selecting an empty User Survey (green section). The name is changed to “Annual Performance Review” and questions are created with the appropriate Control.

The survey is now available in the User’s chart under the Surveys tab.

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