Statement Footer Sample Image

Click on the link below to download an image (Statement Bottom CC.png) that can be added to the bottom of your statements for Check and Credit Card payments.

The image offered for download can be edited to suit your company or you can create your own image as long as it is roughly the same size.

First, place the image in Organization Management > Documents. Be sure to specify Statement Footer Image as Document Type.

The image will appear on Statements generated from anywhere in PIMSY where there are statements to be created and printed, such as Financial > Statements or Financial > Client Payments (Statement > Print Statement).

To save the image file to your computer, follow the instructions below for your browser. Once you save the file locally, you can then upload it to PIMSY in the Organization Management > Documents area.

Firefox: click on the image file. In the top menu, select File > Save Page As... and select a location for the image on your computer.

Chrome: click on the image file. In the Chrome settings menu , go to More tools > Save page as... to save the file to your computer.

Internet Explorer (IE): click on the image file. Go to File in the top menu and click on Save as... to save the file to your computer.


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