ICD-10 Training Webinar (includes WHODAS instructions)

1) We had to edit the video a bit to cut out technical difficulties experienced with our webinar provider (sorry!), but here is a video of the November 2015 ICD-10 / WHODAS Training.

2) Here are the resources shared in the webinars:

*Video showing the PIMSY ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk

*PIMSY Client Forum, including FAQs, how-to guides, etc

*PIMSY ICD & DSM Resource Center: tons of articles

*PIMSY endorses the DSM-5: this shows how WHODAS replaces GAF/Axis V – and how DSM-5 changes a lot of what you’re familiar with in DSM-IV.

*Also, check out “Final Launch Instructions

3) Some great questions were asked during the webinars as well:

Q: “My clinicians are complaining that some ICD-10 codes aren’t in PIMSY”

A: 1) Don’t forget that some ICD-10 codes aren’t in PIMSY: a great example is F84.1, Atypical Autism: while that is a valid ICD-10 code from the World Health Organization (WHO), DSM-5 doesn’t endorse using it. The DSM-5 lists only one for Autism (with 192 different combinations of specifiers!): F84.0, Autism Spectrum Disorder.

2) We used the DSM-5 because it’s the CMS-endorsed & required standard for mental health in the US, but if you need or want codes that’s aren’t in DSM-5/PIMSY, pls check with Support so we can verify they’re not in there – and add or edit them with you.

Q: I can get as far as entering the new code in quick filter box but the new diagnosis does not show in the diagnosis arrow down box

A: Call or email Support so they can look at your site and help you navigate.

Q: How do I make it easier to find the exact ICD-10 diagnosis code when I have multiple search criteria / ie, multiple specifiers?

A: Watch the video of the 10/28 to see Kori demonstrate it – or see step G in the attached guide.

Q: Now that WHODAS is replacing the GAF/CGAF, where will my old GAF data go? Will the button on the diagnosis screen be replaced?

A: We will either have 2 buttons available on the diagnosis screen: one for GAF/CGAF to access the older reports + a new button for WHODAS.

Or we will group both the older & newer data together together and have one button that says GAF/CGAF/WHODAS. 

Either way, you definitely will NOT lose your old data! 

More questions? Contact us any time for additional ICD-10 / WHODAS questions:, 877.334.8512, ext 3.

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