How do you find the right ICD-10 code?!

Let’s say that you have a client diagnosed with “intellectual disability (intellectual developmental disorder), moderate”: 318.0 under ICD-9.

> A) Go to the client’s chart like normal, click “new diagnosis” and click “crosswalk” in the box that pops up:

> B)
This will pull up a comprehensive list of all of the DSM-5/ICD-10 diagnosis codes:


> C) Click “filter” and enter 318 as the “from code” and 10 as the “to type”:



> D) This will filter for everything that was coded as 318 in ICD-9 and show you what the options are in ICD-10:


> E) Now you can select the correct diagnosis – in this case, F71 – and pop it into the quick filter on the first screen. In the diagnosis drop-down, you’ll see your options for ICD-10 diagnosis codes:

> F) Advanced Filter: If you have multiple search criteria / multiple aspects to the specifiers you're looking for, simply comma delimit different search criteria, and PIMSY will search each individual option to find the code that best matches all the criteria:


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t forget that the codes we have provided are a courtesy starting point, and you are free to add, delete, edit or change codes at any time.

If you feel that vital codes are missing (or you see a typo or a glaring error), please email

If you are in a time-sensitive situation and don’t want to wait for us to add it on the development side, please contact your PIMSY Administrator and request that they add or change it directly in the PIMSY pick lists.

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