Physician Management (article)


The Physician Management area allows PIMSY administrators to enter and track all types of physicians in your system.


To begin, go to Pick List Management and select the Contact Type tab. If the physician type is not in the list, enter the desired type in the blank line at the bottom of the list. Check the Is A Physician box, Save and Exit. Refresh your Pick Lists if you made any changes.

Go to Administration > Physician Management

Enter all relevant information, Save first, then enter the physician’s address in the bottom row. Save again and Exit.

Go to the desired client’s chart and select the Contacts tab. In the box toward the bottom of the screen, select the Choose Contact Type from the drop-down box.

Click on the Misc. Contact button, which opens the list of physicians in your PIMSY system. Select the desired physician and Save.

Follow the same procedure to select another miscellaneous contact type for the client. Examples of some miscellaneous contact types:

  • Primary Care Physician
  • Referring Physician
  • Family Doctor
  • Non-parent Guardian
  • Parole Officer

After you have entered all related miscellaneous contacts, Save and Exit. To view the contact again, select the type and go to the Misc Contact button. The current assigned contact’s information window appears to indicate who the user is who is associated with this client.

Use Case

The PIMSY administrator at the ABC Therapeutic Group adds all physicians associated with the practice and associates, those physicians with the appropriate clients. Now the physician will be attached to notes and other required areas in PIMSY.

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