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PIMSY provides a way for you to send reminders to clients and staff about topics such as upcoming appointments and upcoming renewals. PIMSY can send text messages, emails and even voicemail messages using your own voice or using text to speech technology.  

System Setup:

Go to AdministrationSetting ManagementSystem Settings

Click the Filter button and filter by “Messaging.” Click OK at the top of the box.

This will locate all settings that need to be reviewed and changed to your company’s value from the default value. Be sure to Save after each change. When finished with all changes, click Exit.

Next, update the user profile that will create and/or view the messages. Go to Administration > Profile Management. Select the profile that needs to be updated and look for: Messaging Create & Messaging View under the Unassigned Rules and double click to move it to the Assigned Rules. Click Save in the middle. Note: if you don’t see them in the unassigned rules they could already be in the assigned rules. Exit when completed.

Client Setup:

Select a client and go to the Client Details tab. Check to be sure all phone numbers are entered as well as email. On the Contacts tab you will find Client Automated Messaging Contact. Make sure the client has given consent for messaging. Once signed, the consent document can be scanned and stored in the client’s documents tab.

If you check the Use client detail Info, the system will use the information (Name, Phone, email) from the client details tab to contact the client. If you leave that unchecked you can fill out different contact information using the Messaging Contact Button. You must make sure to check the Messaging Consent Given by Client box. If this is not checked you will not be able to send messages to this client. If you fill out the Preferred Contact Method field, the system by default will only send messages to the client using that method.




Go to Utilities > Messaging

Message types – select the type of message you are sending, such as upcoming appointments. All clients or users with Client Upcoming Appointments will appear in the window below.

All persons in the list will receive the message to be sent.

Select your desired Contact Method on the right.

To the left, in the Type Description box, are place holders. This is where you can insert the desired information in the message, such as client's name and the service date.

Copy/paste the elements you need from the Type Description box on the left side to the Template on the right. Use any of the place holders in the Type Description box, such as <ClientName>, <ServiceDate>, <Practice>, <Clinician>, etc. The information in the brackets will appear on the message sent.

Click Save Templates. Select from the following:

Start Date - date of the scheduled appointment.

Broadcast Date & Time – time the message will be sent.

Only Send Based on Preference - this should be checked if the client or user has an assigned preferred contact method.

Click on Send [Voice/Text/Email/Fax] Message.

Click Refresh to view which client or user will receive the message.

After the time of delivery, go to the History tab to view the status of the message.

Use Case:

A practitioner at the ABC Therapeutic Group has almost completed a note but discovers the client’s chart is not quite complete. The PIMSY administrator gives the user and the desired recipient the capability to send and receive messages. The user sends a message to the person in charge of client charts and requests the additional information. When the recipient has completed the task, a message is sent back to the user letting them know the task is complete. Now the user can release the note.

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