PIMSY provides Secure Encrypted Messaging / Direct Email

Direct email (or secure encrypted messaging) is a protocol for protected data sharing, ensuring that the PHI (protected health information) you exchange with your clients and colleagues is and remains safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

Direct email allows you to send anything you choose to your clients: mood surveys, depression tests, lab results, session notes, clinical summaries, etc – in a secure format. It also allows you to send any information you want to other providers, such as clinical summaries, as long as they have a direct email address.

Previously, HIPAA limitations and data security concerns made exchanging this type of PHI risky and prohibitive. Recognizing these concerns, legislative bodies have come together to provide an electronic solution for an increasingly digital world.

The PIMSY secure email option meets the direct method requirement of Meaningful Use Stage 2 Core Measures: 15 (Summary of Care), 7 (Patient Electronic Access), and 17 (Use Secure Electronic Messaging).

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