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The Utilities menu in PIMSY contains various functions not found under any other menus. These include password changes, alerts, refreshing pick lists, requests, calendar, EDE generation and much more. Below are descriptions of all items under the Utilities menu.

Items and Instructions:

Home – use this link to go to the Home page without exiting open windows.

Change Password – go here to change the user’s PIMSY password.

My Personnel Folder – the user’s personnel folder that houses surveys, user renewals, client list, codes/rates, payroll history, calendar settings, and more. The items available here are determined by the agency admin and vary depending on the user profile.

Send/View Alerts – internal messaging system. Alerts appear prior to the Home Page when initially logging into PIMSY. When a user is logged into the system, the Utilities Menu will flash green when a user receives a new Alert. To view an alert, go to Utilities > View Alerts. There are a range of options that can be used to filter alerts including who sent the alert, message phrase, date sent, etc. Global settings for the Alerts are found in System Settings.

Refresh Pick Lists – when changes are made in Administration > Pick List Management or any other area in PIMSY that changes the options in a list or a drop-down, Refresh Pick Lists refreshes the system in order to see the changes that were made.

Reset All Layouts – reset layouts to default.

Requests – send/receive requests from other staff members. More information is here.

My SAL – a list of everything in the calendar much like a spreadsheet version that has a row for each appointment. There are several columns that can be filtered for or rearranged in order to view information such as Clients, CPT codes, Released notes, and Color Coding. Green means a note is waiting to be released and Red means the note is overdue. (Calendar article)

My SAL Calendar – access to the main PIMSY calendar. More details are available for the My SAL Calendar HERE.

Company Q & A – global Q&A section. (Company Q&A article)

Public Docs – documents that can be viewed by all staff.

Private Docs – threads and documents created by the User and only visible to the User as well as Power Users.

EDE – generate an EDE directly from here.

User Surveys – user/personnel surveys, if applicable.

Emergency Accesssee this article

Import Tools – an example of the import tools feature would be: by request, PIMSY can create a custom spreadsheet for an agency for use when a clinician is out in the field without internet. The clinician can document their notes on the spreadsheet and then, at a later time, using the Import Tools feature, import the notes into PIMSY. There is a convenient Generic Intake Form (Excel file) HERE. Select Generic Intake in the Import Options window dropdown. There is also a copy of the Generic Intake Form via the Need Help? button in the Import window.


Messagingsee this article

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