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This article refers to the main Reports menu which contains pre-formatted reports created for your use in PIMSY. You can view all appointments for the entire company and filter for staff, dates, etc., as well as run reports on statistics by date, client, and user.

These reports are not to be confused with the Financial > Reports menu. See the Financial Reports article for more information.


Not all reports are available for each company and there are some reports customized for specific companies that may or may not be available. Some reports are only available specifically for our Platinum clients who are pursuing Meaningful Use certification.

Setting -506 will control which attributes of the client's chart appear in various reports.

Available Reports:

There are many reports available in PIMSY:

  • Service Activity Log (Multiple Users) – this is a company-wide report on the My Sal Calendar. This is a more comprehensive report than the My Sal.
  • Cost Report List – run a cost analysis report for filtered fields. Filter with the main filter tool or use one of the pre-determined filtered searches.
  • Statistics by Date –selected reports are run for filtered dates. This report will pull data based in the initial invoiced date as opposed to pulling data based on the date of service.  Invoiced Month and Invoiced Year columns are available as well. The service location, initial invoiced date, payer and division are included.
  • Statistics by Client – statistical information on clients
  • Statistics by User – statistical information based on the user.
  • Formatted Reports –reports prepared by PIMSY Development by request.
  • Decision Support Log – a list of all Decision Supports. These can include decision support from Medications, Diagnoses, Medicine Allergies, Vitals, Lab Results and some demographics. The Decision Support Log is mostly used by Platinum users who are seeking Meaningful Use.

*When viewing reports, you can group a column by dragging it to the gray bar just above the column headers.

Use Case:

In order for ABC Group to prepare their quarterly reports for the stakeholders, the Director goes into the Reports tab to easily pull the needed info. Once a specific report is generated, it is then exported to Excel where it can be graphed, printed, or manipulated into whatever format the Director needs.

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