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In PIMSY, you can attach a digital signature to a user’s personnel file which allows you to attach the image to documents requiring a signature. The user can sign using a signature ePad or alternatively sign a sheet of paper to be scanned and then saved as an image file. Contact Support for instructions on obtaining a signature pad for your office.


The Digital Signature document type should be set to Add to New Users in the Pick List. When this is true, the Thread Name, Thread Description, and Document Type will auto-populate into the Documents tab each time a new user is created.

Thread Name – Digital Signature

Thread Description – optional

Document Type – Digital Signature



Scan and save the signature to the computer as an image file (e.g., JPG, PNG).

Go to Administration > User Management > User Personnel Folder

Select the user for whom you need to add a signature.

Select the user’s Documents tab and select the thread name Digital Signature.

Click on the New Document button.

Complete the Document Description.

Click Browse to locate the image file and click Save.

Make sure to check Active.

Click Save and Exit.


Another method for adding a signature is from the Surveys tab in the client’s chart. The client should take the survey and click the Sign link under Client Sign Off.

The client should sign the ePad and click the Done link. If required, the parent or guardian should also sign the ePad under Other Sign Off and follow the same instructions (Start > Done).

When QP Sign Off is checked Yes, the saved user signature will also be added to the survey. You can also print a report of the survey that includes the signatures.

Assessment Notes:

Go to the client’s chart > Notes > New Assessment Note or open an existing note. Follow the instructions above for surveys to add signatures to a note.

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Use Case:

ABC Therapeutic Group has just gone live with PIMSY. In order to electronically bill for service as well as remain compliant with documentation standards, they need for all service notes to be signed electronically by staff. To do this, the Human Resources Dept obtains each employees signature and credentials and uploads them into the user files in PIMSY.

When each note is Released and locked from editing, the Digital Signature image will attach to the bottom of the note which entirely replaces the wet signatures that were used prior to going electronic.

If you cannot find what you need in this article, please contact Support (email) or call 877.334.8512 ext. 3.

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