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In PIMSY, tracking is available for all things that are set up as a Renewal. A Renewal is simply an event or item that is end-dated, either for a client or for a user, such as annual staff training or client signature pages. Renewal Types are created in the Administration > Pick List Management area and all renewals can be set up to alert staff when one is about to expire.

Go to Clients > Renewals

Renewal Sub Types Columns:

Name – name of the item to be renewed

Renewal Type – the type that this item falls under

Description – a description of the renewal (optional)

Renewal Frequency – how often the renewal is renewed, such as annually, biannually or every 10 days.

Active – the renewal sub type is active in the system.

Default – check this to make this renewal default for all users or clients.

Suspend Note Releasing By User on Expiration – the expiration date arrives and the renewal is not renewed for Users, such as a staff license.

Suspend Note Releasing By Client on Expiration – the expiration date arrives and the renewal is not renewed for Clients.

Expiration Alert Lead Time In Days – the number of days you are alerted before the renewal expires.

Auto Add to New Clients or Users – this will add the renewal to all clients or users automatically. Be careful here.

Days to Add To DOA or DOH For Expiration – DOA = Date of Admission for clients; DOH = Date of Hire for users. When checked, PIMSY will add the amount of indicated time to the client’s DOA or the user’s DOH for the expiration date.

Setup Fields:

Assign All Renewals – this will assign all renewals to the selected client.

Renewal Type –renewal types set up in the Pick Lists.

Renewal – select the type of service to which the renewal applies. These are created in the Pick Lists.

Performed / Certified By –optional.

Renewed On – “start date” of the renewal or the date it was renewed.

Expires On – the date the renewal is to expire.

Active – this renewal is active in the system.

Suspended Alerts – suspend the alerts on this renewal.

Notes – add any information related to this renewal.

The following fields are auto populated:

Created Date – date the renewal was first created in the client’s chart.

Created By –staff member who created the renewal.

Last Edited Date –date the renewal was last edited.

Last Edited By – person who last edited the renewal.

The left window is where the renewals you create for this client or user are listed.


  1. Go to the client’s chart or the user’s file and click on the Renewal tab.
  2. Create or Update the applicable renewals. Select the Renewal Type and Renewal in the drop-down boxes. For example, select Client Renewals and Consent for Service. Change the Renewed On date to reflect the day the document was signed. Click on the Renew button to automatically change the Expires On field.
  3. Be sure to Save all your changes.

Use Case:

The clinicians at the ABC Therapeutic Group must renew their license annually. In order to remind the staff to do this, the PIMSY HR staff sets up the appropriate renewal in each clinician’s User File. During the initial PIMSY setup, the HR staff set the Professional License Renewal to suspend notes on the user once a renewal of this type expires. This ensures that if any of the clinicians fail to get their licensure renewed and turned into HR by the expiration date, PIMSY will suspend their ability to release notes until manually overridden by the ABC Group Admin staff.

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