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A disclosure is the release, transfer, provision of, access to, or divulging in any other manner of information outside the entity holding the information, such as a medical practice or institution. PIMSY offers a way to track any disclosures of PHI by your practice or organization.


Given To –person and/or entity who receives the PHI

Disclosure Type – description of what PHI was disclosed

Disclosure Reason – reason for the disclosure

Requested Date – date the PHI was requested

Disclosure Date – date the ROI (release of information) occurred

Amount Invoiced – amount, if any, charged for the disclosure

Amount Received – amount paid for the disclosure

Received Date – date the payment was received

Remarks – any additional info regarding the disclosure

Created By – auto populates when disclosure is saved

Created Date – auto populates when disclosure is saved

Last Edited Date – auto populates

Last Edited By - auto populates

Delivery Type – how (by what method) the information was released


You must first set up the Disclosure Type, Reason, and Delivery Types in the Pick Lists. Refer to Pick List Management for instructions on setting up items in pick lists.

In order to document a disclosure, click on the Contacts tab in the client’s chart. The bottom portion of the Contacts tab is the Disclosure List. Enter the release information and then save.

For reporting and tracking purposes, a global Disclosure List can be found under the Client Management menu. The global list allows for search/filter by any of the disclosure fields. This is especially helpful for tracking outstanding balances for records.

Use Case:

Patricia works as support staff at the ABC Group in the ROI Dept. It is Patricia’s responsibility to process and track all record’s requests and disclosures. After delivering a record to court per subpoena and then releasing the record under court order, Patricia returns to the office to document the disclosure. She opens the client’s chart and navigates to the Disclosure List.

Once all the information pertinent to the disclosure has been documented in the chart, Patricia moves on to the next ROI request.

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