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In PIMSY, managing group service is made easy using Client Groups. A Client Group is created and maintained in order to easily document and manage group service in a few easy steps rather than documenting separately for each individual group member.


Client Group – name of the client group being created/edited

Active – this group is active in the system

Default – this group is set to be default

Edit Name – allows the name of the group to be changed without creating a new group

Desc – a description for the group (optional).

Unassigned Clients – clients who are not yet assigned to the selected group

Assigned Clients – clients who have been assigned to the current group


Save – save the current configuration of the group selected

Delete – remove the selected client group

Add All – add all unassigned clients to the assigned clients group.

Remove All – removes all clients from the current group.

Docs - add documents to all client charts in the group at one time. Example: allows family members to be grouped together to share various documentation.


Go to Clients > Client Groups

If you are creating a new group, simply type the new name in the Client Group field and click Save in the middle of the window. If you are editing a group, select the name from the Client Group dropdown box. To rename a group, type the new name in the Client Group field, check the Edit Name box and click Save.

To add client(s) to the group, double-click on a name in the left box to add it to the box on the right. To remove a client, you can use the Remove All button or double-click on a name in the box on the right to move it to Unassigned Clients.

To add documents to a group, click on the Docs button at the bottom of the window. See Document Management for details.

Use Case:

Dr. Jones at the ABC Therapy Group facilitates a domestic violence group on Thursday afternoons. The DV group is large and Dr. Jones’ scheduler uses the PIMSY calendar to quickly and efficiently manage the group. She has created a reoccurring appointment and assigned the DV client group to the 5:00 p.m. every Thursday appointment. PIMSY has autogenerated this appointment and attached it to every client’s calendar assigned to the DV client group for Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. with Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones also utilizes the Client Group area to add documents to each client chart all at one time.

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