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The Check List area is for tracking anything that is required for every client chart in order to make it audit ready. This “deficiency” list can include anything from forms that are needed to tasks that should be completed. First, the desired items are created in pick list management for the checklist, then the items are checked off as they are completed.

For example, a staff member is responsible for getting the task done such as obtaining a signature on a form and another staff member uploads that form to PIMSY. The checklist helps track each stage of the task’s completion on a chart. The staff who obtained the signature checks addressed in the check list. The staff who scans/uploads the document checks complete.

The comments area is a list of comments that can be added to a chart. Each comment can either remain stationary as a charting comment, be exposed on the appointments as a reminder, or be made private and only visible to the user that created the comment.

Pick List Columns

Name – name of the item to be completed

Description – a description of the item (optional)

Add to New Clients – check this box to add this item to all new clients

Active – this item is active in the system

Division – if a Division is assigned to a checklist item, and that item is marked to be Added to New Clients, then the item will only be added to new client’s that are assigned to this division

Check List Columns:

Check List Item – an item that is deficient from the chart or a task that needs to be completed on the chart

Addressed – when checked, this item has been addressed but not yet completed

Complete – when checked, this removes the item from the checklist

Active – this item is active in the checklist

DOA –date of client’s initial visit (arrival) – this auto populates when you begin a client’s new chart

Division - division assigned to the Check List Item in Pick List Management

Last Edited Date – last date the item was edited – this is auto populated

Last Edited By – the person who last edited the item – this is auto populated

Notes – free-text area for notes about the check list item

Misc. Tracked Comments Columns

Comment – free text area for chart comments

Active – when checked, the comment is active on the chart

Private – when checked, only the user who created the comment can view it

Reminder – when checked, the comment appears on any appointments in the calendar

Last Edited Date – auto populated

Last Edited By - auto populated

Created Date - auto populated

Created By - auto populated


Set Up Items in Pick List Management

Go to Administration > Pick List Management

Select the Client Check List Type tab. Add the applicable chart deficiency list items. Be sure to check the item as Active and Save.

Check List / Comments

Check Addressed or Complete as appropriate and Save. When an item is marked complete and saved, it can no longer be viewed in the current list. To view that item after it has been completed, go to Filter and check Complete: YES. Now you can view when the item was completed and by whom.

Misc Tracked Comments:

The comments area is a free text list of chart comments. Each comment can either remain stationary as a charting comment, be exposed on the appointments as a reminder, or be made private and only visible to the user that created the comment.

Use Case:

John Carter is a new client with the ABC Therapy Group. When John came in for his initial appointment, he didn’t have his insurance card with him. Therefore, the front desk staff were unable to make a copy of the card for the chart. When Med Recs processed John’s paperwork, a deficiency for the missing insurance card copy was created in the chart. The item has been added to the Check List.

When John Carter checks in for his next appointment, the front desk staff see that his insurance card copy is listed on the Check List as missing from his chart. A copy of the card is made and the item is checked as Addressed on the Check List. When Med Recs staff check John’s chart at a later time, they will see that the item has been addressed, check to ensure the accuracy of the item, and then mark it as Complete.

As a side note, John has a habit of stealing and his clinician has made a note in the Misc Tracked Comments section of his chart to alert other staff that he should be watched when he is in the waiting room. The comment has been marked as a Reminder so that Front Desk Staff see the comment on his appointment prior to his arrival to the office.

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