Payroll System Setup (article)


In order to successfully utilize PIMSY for payroll, the following system settings need to be reviewed and/or changed.


Setting ID - when a setting is selected, this will populate with that setting ID number.

Setting Name - the name of the setting that is selected.

Default Description - PIMSY has descriptions of all settings available to help you understand what the setting is for and what it does.

Default Value - the default setting for the selected setting.

Your Description - change the description for your purposes.

Your Value – enter a new value for the setting. If the setting is False by default, put True in this area to change the setting.

Created Date/Created By - date the setting was first created and who created it.

Last Edited Date/Last Edited By - date and person who last edited the setting.


Go to Administration > Setting Management > System Settings

Filter for setting name Payroll.

Review each setting. If the default value for a setting works for your company, no action is needed. If the default value needs to be changed, enter the change into the Your Value text box and then Save.

Payroll System Settings

Proceed through the rest of the settings. If you have questions about any of them, contact the Support team for assistance.

-247       BILLING - Auto Adjust the Amount Paid for Payroll

This setting is used for exceptions to payroll amounts. For instance, if you invoice a client a $40 co-pay and they only pay $20, this setting will adjust the payroll to pay $20 instead of $40 because you only received $20. If you want to pay the employee the full amount ($40) you would enter False in the Your Value field.

-83         PAYROLL - Allow users to view subordinates payroll entries so they can approve them.

-186       PAYROLL - Automatically check payroll records as Paid when compiling payroll for all employees at once.

-84         PAYROLL - Date from which payroll will be compiled for Notes

-147       PAYROLL - Include Activity Paid by Percentage

-146       PAYROLL - Include Activity Paid Hourly or Flat Rate

-294       PAYROLL - Include Pre Paid Transaction (Co Pays, Self Pays)

-148       PAYROLL - Include QP and Team Note entries when calculating Payroll

-354       PAYROLL - Only Include Released Notes in Payroll

-180       PAYROLL - Prohibit modifications to Invoice entries that have been included in payroll calculations.

-179       PAYROLL - Prohibit modifications to SAL entries that have been included in payroll calculations.

-280       PAYROLL - Show Payroll Fields on Invoicing Screen

-290       PAYROLL - Use Expected Amounts in Payroll Calculations

-372       PAYROLL REPORT- Exclude the Amount Paid by the Payer

-406       PAYROLL REPORT- Exclude the Pay Rate by the Payer

Use Case:

Annie, the PIMSY administrator at the ABC Therapeutics Group, is setting up payroll for all users in the practice. She goes to the system settings and filters for all settings named “payroll.” Since none of the staff is paid by percentage, Annie changes the setting -147 to NOT include activity paid by percentage when she processes the payroll.

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