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PIMSY offers a Filter for use in most areas of the software. The filter allows you to narrow your search for specific parameters in order to view the specific information required.

Tabs & Fields:

Standard – each area that has a filter button contains all columns in that section of PIMSY. An example is in the client area filter which contains all the columns in the Client Management area.

Advanced – allows you to further narrow your search by using and/or as your search requirements. An example would be to search for last names Smith OR Jones in one search.

Saved Searches - can reduce time and effort, allowing you to quickly and easily access an often used search, changing a few parameters, such as name, instead of building a new search every time you need to find the same specific information.


When you open a filter box, there are many options related to the area you are currently viewing in PIMSY (see examples of filter boxes below.) All filter boxes contain the following three tabs:


The Standard filter contains all columns available in PIMSY. An example is in the client area filter which contains all the fields in the Client Management area. Utilize the fields in the Filter box to narrow your search, such as Last Name, Service Date, Invoiced Date, etc.


This tab contains options for how you want the requested information to be filtered, such as a name Like Smith, a name Ends With Smith, the Name field is Not Empty, etc. The filter will use both tabs, Standard and Advanced, to perform your search. Select from the first column, the second column, and the third if necessary. You will likely want to use the Or option the most. Remember, a Last Name can’t be Smith and Jones at the same time.

An example of using the Standard and Advanced filters:

When searching for invoices for three different insurance companies at one time, select Invoiced YES in the Standard filter, then in the Advanced filter, specify the following:

This search returned the results below in the Invoicing screen:


If you want to save a commonly used search, select your main filter parameters under Standard and/or Advanced and go to the Saved Searches tab. Name your current filter settings in the Search: box. Click Save.

To use a saved search, select it from the drop-down box and click Ok.

To delete a saved search, select it from the drop-down box and click the Delete button. You will need to close and reopen the Filter box to see the change.

Use Case:

A therapist at the ABC Therapeutic Group needs to locate a client in the system to check for complete information because a note could not be saved. Since there are several clients with last name Smith, the user goes to the Client Management area and filters for last name like Smith and first name like Andrew. The filter searches PIMSY and displays the requested information.

An administrator needs to check a client’s account to see if the insurance and co-pay payments have been posted. The admin goes to the Invoicing area in PIMSY and filters for Last/First Name, Service Date range, Invoice Yes, as well as other fields applicable to the search, such as insurance company or billing code. The filter displays the correct requested information.

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