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For Platinum users only! 


The Emergency Access part of a profile is utilized when a user needs to access sections of PIMSY that their normal profile doesn’t provide.  You can designate only one profile as the Emergency Access Profile by checking the Emergency Access Check box at the top of the Profile Assignment dialog box.  This will become the profile people are assigned when they take Emergency Access of the System.  An example of an Emergency Access profile might be a profile called On Call Therapist.  This profile would need to have access to all areas of the chart on all the clients in case something comes up during their time on call.   

When you assign the Emergency Access rule from the unassigned rules list to a profile, the user will have the option to click on the Emergency Access item under the Utilities menu. PIMSY will then give that user temporary access to areas of PIMSY needed only at that time.

Everyone who has been assigned a profile with the Emergency Access rule will have that feature when they log into PIMSY. For example, you could have one profile named Provisional Therapist that includes all privileges they need except Emergency Access.  People assigned this profile will never be able to take emergency access of the system.  You could also create another profile named Therapist with Emergency Access. Users assigned this profile will be able to click Emergency Access under the Utilities menu.


  • Active – Making a profile inactive prevents that profile from being used in the system. If a user has that profile assigned to them, they will be unable to log into the system.
  • Client Admin – Gives the profile access to ALL client charts. If it is not checked, they will only be able to access the specific clients they are assigned to (or that their supervisees are assigned to).
  • Default – Sets the profile as a default when a new user is created. This can be manually changed for the user during setup.
  • PT/QP (Primary Therapist/Qualified Professional) – This setting should be checked for users that are clinicians/providers (PT=Primary Therapist, QP=Qualified Professional) of service. If it is not checked, anyone with that profile will not show up in the provider pick list to be assigned to the client.
  • Emergency Access – When checked, this gives an on-call provider access to all clients in case of an emergency (PIMSY Platinum version only). This is for one-time use only. You need to check client admin also so they can see all the clients.
  • Doctor – This setting allows the user to be attached to a chart as physician, enables access for e-Prescribing, and is used for Meaningful Use.
  • Power User - someone who can see and do everything in the PIMSY system. Be careful here.


Go to Administration > Profile Management

In the Profile drop-down box, either select an existing profile to manage or create a new one by typing the new name in the box. To assign Emergency Access, move the Emergency Access rule from the left side to the right side of the screen. Be sure to Save when you are done.

Use Case: 

The ABC organization has therapist Bob who is assigned to a typical Therapist profile that has the ability to take Emergency Access in it.  Bob is only assigned to a hand full of clients and only has access to certain areas of the chart with this standard profile.

There is an On Call Therapist profile set up in the system that is designated as the Emergency Access profile that no one is typically assigned to that gives the users access to all the clients and all the different areas of the chart.

Bob is on call over the weekend when an issue comes up on a client that he isn’t normally assigned to in the organization.  He needs to see that client’s chart but cannot with his current profile settings.  In order for Bob to see that client’s chart Bob will need to take emergency access of the system.    

Bob clicks the Utilities menu -> Emergency Access menu.  Bob click OK when prompted and at that point takes emergency access of the system.  He is assigned the On Call Therapist profile which now gives him access to that client’s records.  When Bob takes emergency access of the system PIMSY Alerts are sent to other administrators so they know Bob’s profile has been changed. 

Bob will continue to have the On Call Therapist profile until he logs out of PIMSY.  He will converted back onto his standard Therapist profile the next time he logs into PIMSY. 

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