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The Organization Management section is for setting up your organization's information such as locations, Federal Tax ID, License, NPI numbers, maintain documents and more. The information here will be used for processes like billing, invoicing, etc.



This is where your practice name, federal tax id number, NPI, taxonomy, etc., will need to be completed. Logo 1, which will appear on the upper left of your statements and other reports, can be your practice logo or any picture you wish to appear there. Logo 2 will appear on the upper right side of the statement or report. You can also select the logo that will appear on your Portal home page. Once this is all completed click the Save button.  

You will typically find Save on the upper left corner of the screen. It’s very important to always click Save if you have made any changes before leaving a page. 


Divisions are a method of breaking up service types in order to provide greater control in the system quickly and efficiently. List the different Divisions of your practice or different types of service. Divisions are used for reporting purposes as well as group assignments. If multiple programs are utilized, set them up as Divisions.


Additional organization locations should be listed here:

  1. Notice the screen is split in half. On the left are any locations which have been created.
  1. Below is an image of the top right side of the screen where all the information for each location is entered. It is VERY IMPORTANT to enter the 9 digit zip code for each location as this is required for electronic billing. To enter a new location, click the New button and start your other location. Repeat until done. Remember to click Save after each location is entered.
  2. The bottom half of the right side of the screen, seen below, digs a little deeper into the location. You can have designated rooms within the location. This is mostly used with scheduling. It will show on your appointment and allow you to search for available rooms at different locations.
  3. Once all information is entered, click


Note: many look at this as a file cabinet: think of the Document Type as the drawer you open and the thread name is the hanging folder. When you upload the document, it will be the paper in the folder.

This is an area where you can upload company documents. To upload a new document, start on the last line, the one with the *. Enter Thread Name and then select the Document Type from the drop-down menu.

  1. Click on the line where it is highlighted in blue and click the New Document button (highlighted). The box will open so that you can upload the document. Give the document a description and Browse for the file on your computer. The Document Name will fill in automatically with the file you attach. Click Save and Exit.

  2. There is also a Scan button in the New Document dialog box that can be used to directly scan a document into PIMSY.
  1. To remove a document, double-click the row in the bottom you want to remove and click Delete in the popup window. Click Yes and Yes to delete the file.

Document tabs are listed throughout PIMSY under the Corporate tab, User Documents, Client Documents and under the Utilities tab. There are Public Documents, & Private Documents also. We also have documents on both Progress Notes and Assessment Notes.


See tab descriptions with instructions above.

Use Case:

Just after the ABC Therapeutic Group receives their PIMSY application, the Super User (administrator) must enter company information for their records. This information will be used for several things, including billing. Everything is included in all relevant tabs, including locations if there is more than one for their company. Example: The therapists in the ABC Company go to local schools to conduct therapy with some of the students. Those trips must be scheduled and documented for company records, such as payroll and/or billing. In PIMSY, they enter all locations where their staff conducts therapy, including specific rooms if applicable.

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