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In PIMSY, managing groups is made easy using Client or User Groups. A User Group is created and maintained in order to easily manage groups in a few easy steps rather than documenting separately for each individual group member.


User Group – name of the group being created/edited

Active – this group is active in the system

Default – this group is set to be default

Edit Name – allows the name of the group to be changed without creating a new group

Desc – description for the group (optional).

Unassigned Users – users not yet assigned to the selected group

Assigned Users – users assigned to the current group


Save – save the current configuration of the group selected

Delete – remove the selected user group

Add All – add all unassigned clients to the assigned clients group.

Remove All – removes all clients from the current group.


Go to Administration > User Management > User Groups. Move unassigned users to the assigned box and Save.

If you are creating a new group, simply type the new name in the User Group field and click Save in the middle of the window. If you are editing a group, select the name from the User Group dropdown box. To rename a group, type the new name in the User Group field, check the Edit Name box and click Save.

To add users to the group, double-click on a name in the left box to add it to the box on the right. To remove a client, you can use the Remove All button or double-click on a name in the box on the right to move it to Unassigned Clients.

Use Case:

A clinician at the ABC Therapeutic Group needs to be able to send/receive requests with the insurance department regarding some clients. The system administrator sets up an Insurance Verification user group that can be assigned request privileges so the clinician can communicate easily with the insurance department staff.

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