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For Providers: There is an attached PDF document for this article that can be downloaded and given to your clients. See link at bottom of page.


From the PIMSY portal, clients can log in remotely and edit certain items in their chart.  PIMSY notifies staff about any revisions so that further action can be taken, if needed.

The client is set up with a login and password so they can easily update:

  • Basic information like name, phone, address, etc
  • Details such as primary language, smoking status, and other demographics
  • Insurance information for primary & secondary insurance providers
  • Forms to be completed by clients
  • Contact information such as emergency contact, responsible party, legal guardian
  • Documents section allows clients to download and upload forms

Client Portal Fields: (Client Portal tab in chart)

Login – the client’s username.

Safe Word (opt) –this is a security feature to verify the client’s identity in the event of a password reset.

Password – the password for the client’s login.

Confirm Password – retype the password.

Active – check this if the client’s access to the portal is active in the system. When active is unchecked on a client, they cannot log into the client portal.

Suspended – this suspends the client’s portal access.

Change Pwd. Next Login – when checked, this forces the password to be changed the next time the client accesses the portal. This is useful for initial setup of the login as well as password resets.

Unassigned Q&A Categories – this allows Q&A forms to be assigned to the client’s portal.

Assigned Q&A Categories – these are the Q&A forms assigned to this client.


Setting up the logo on your Portal is done similarly to putting your logo into PIMSY.

Click Administration, then Organization Management, then upload your logo via the Portal Logo box.

System Settings:

Review the settings listed below. Go to: Administration > Setting Management > System Settings (you can also filter for a setting name like “portal” to locate five settings for the client portal).

-328 = Title (this will be the Name of your practice that shows at the top of the portal when the client signs in)

-330 = Instructions (here you will put the instructions you want each of your clients to follow, they will see this each time they sign into the portal)

-365 = Theme name (You can change the look of your portal, these just change the box colors and they are not major changes. In order to see them you will need to sign out and back in)

-366 = Allow Clients to update Insurance Information

-371 = Change or Forgot Password Change Message (here is where you will put your phone number or who to contact to have their password reset)

Profile rules (found under: Administration > Profile Management)

Select the profile type for those staff designated to receive Patient portal update Alerts (see specific rules below). Double-click a rule from the unassigned rules column on the left to move that rule to the Assigned Rules on the right. Click Save.

  • Receives client portal demographic changes for all clients
  • Receives client portal document upload for all clients

Documents (found under: Administration > Pick list Management, > Document Types)

Create the document type you want to show on the portal then in the far right column check the box Show in Portal.

Upload public documents for all clients by going to: UtilitiesPublic Documents (or for an individual client go to their chart and upload it under the documents tab).

Give a Client Access:

  1. Go to the client and click on the Client Portal

  2. In the Client Portal box, create the Login & Password. Be sure Active is checked.

  3. Safe word: optional.

  4. Change Pwd. Next Login: check this for initial setup and any time the password is reset.

  5. The web address to give to the client will be the practice acronym (generated by PIMSY) followed by (example:  

  6. Once logged into the Portal, the client can add/edit information needed or complete any documents that are under the Documents tab (only those documents that have been selected to be exposed on the portal).

  7. Once saved, the changes can be seen in PIMSY by the provider. If the system is set up to alert you of changes, you will receive the alert after the changes have been saved.

  8. If you have a practice website, you can add it to your Portal. Call us and we will assist you if needed.

Portal Tabs:

Basic Tab:      


Detail Tab:


Insurance Tab (if you have it turned on for your site):

Contact Tab:





Use Case:

Bobby Newman is a new client with the ABC Therapy Group. Intake staff set up his portal access and when Bobby logs into the portal for the first time he is cued by the system to change his password to something private. He enters all demographic information required by the agency and saves each tab before continuing to the next one. Bobby also completes a New Client Intake Survey as requested by the Intake Staff.

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