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In PIMSY, you can copy an existing profile instead of creating a new one each time. With minor changes, each profile can be unique but copied from a previously created profile.


Active – when checked, the profile is active in the system

Client Admin. – when checked, the profile has access to all clients

PT / QP – (Primary Therapist/Qualified Professional) when checked, users with this profile are tagged as a clinician in the system and can be attached to a client as either a Therapist or a QP

Power User – this gives the user access to all parts of the system, regardless of the profile rules. Be careful checking this box!


Go to Administration > Profile Management

Select the existing profile to be copied. Click inside the Profile: box to rename the profile. Add or remove rules if applicable and check the appropriate boxes (see above).

Click Save and Exit. Go to Utilities > Refresh Pick Lists to refresh the system.

The new profile is now available to be attached to a user.

Use Case:

ABC Therapeutic Group has just hired a new receptionist for the office to assist the office manager. The receptionist will have similar job duties to the office manager, yet she does not need the same level of access to the administrative portions of the system.

ABC Group Human Resources copies the office manager’s profile, renames it to easily identify it from the original, and then removes any rules that aren’t applicable to the new hire (pick list, payroll, etc).

Once this new profile has been saved and they have refreshed the pick list, it can now be assigned to the new user.

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