School Management (article)


School Management allows an organization to easily identify, track, and run reports on clients that are school age or that receive school-based service.


The fields in the School Management area are self-explanatory.


Navigate to School Management which is located on the Administration tab. Enter the school name, address, etc and then Save. Click New to begin a new entry on a blank slate.

To review a school entry, click the row of the school (highlighting it blue) on the left and the school information will appear on the right for editing or review..

Use Case:

ABC Therapeutic Group receives a grant to provide school-based service to kids age 5-18 in one of the counties they serve. Their grant funding is based upon the number served the previous school year. In order to accurately report this information, ABC Group must track which county where each client resides, the school they attend, and whether the service they receive is school-based. Using School Management, ABC Group is able to efficiently pull reports for this information, as well as easily ensuring that the grant funds are appropriated to the correct client population.

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