Color Coding the Calendar (article)


It is sometimes helpful to associate a particular color with an item on the My Sal Calendar so it is easy to distinguish different items, places or users.

Tabs & Instructions:

There are five areas available to color code the calendar:

  1. Billing Codes
  2. User
  3. Location
  4. Room
  5. Status

System Setting (-287) CALENDAR Set Appointment Colors

In the Your Value section, indicate one of the following options: BILLINGCODE, USER, LOCATION, ROOM, or STATUS.

*You can’t set the color for more than one option. PIMSY will only allow for A, B, C or D to be selected*

A) BILLINGCODES - go to Billing Codes under the Financial menu. Each billing code has a column labeled Color. Select the color you wish to show up on the calendar for each code. We recommend bulking the colors together (example: assessments one color, therapy another, etc).

B) USER – from the user personnel folder, beside the Preferences button, there is a drop-down box to select the color you want for the user's calendar appointments. This will be the color that will appear on the calendar for that user.

C) LOCATION – from the Organization Management screen, select the Location tab where there is a drop-down for Color. If you select this option, when you make an appointment for this location, this will be the color that shows up on the calendar.

D) ROOM – within the Locations tab, if rooms have been added to the locations, you can select to add a color to a room. If an appointment is scheduled by a room, that color will then show up on the calendar.

E) STATUS - go to Pick List Management and select the Status tab. For the category Appointment (see drop-down box), click in the Status Color field to select a color for that appointment status. Example: select Late in the Name column and select a color in the Status Color column. Only Appointment status can have an assigned color.

Use Case:

At the ABC Therapeutic company, Jim, the PIMSY administrator, has been asked by the clinicians to color code the calendar so it is easier for them to distinguish quickly at a glance what type of appointment they have scheduled. Jim uses the Color Coding feature by billing code to assign each code type a specific color. When the clinicians view their calendar, all blue appointments are Assessments, green appointments are Group, and pink are Outpatient Therapy. If they have a purple appointment, that represents Clinical Supervision.

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