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The system settings are what make PIMSY different for every practice. Each setting has a default so everything should work fine out of the box. However, you can go through these settings to change them to meet your practice’s needs.

System Setting Fields

Setting ID - when a setting is selected, this will populate with that setting ID number.

Setting Name - The name of the setting that is selected.

Default Description - PIMSY has descriptions of all settings available to help you understand what the setting is for or what it does.

Default Value - This is the default setting for the selected setting.

Your Description - You can change the description for your purposes.

Your Value - Use this area to put in a new value for the setting. If the setting is False by default, put True in this area to change the setting.

Created Date/Created By - The date the setting was first created and who created it.

Last Edited Date/Last Edited By - The date and person who last edited the setting.


Click Administration from the main menu and select Setting Management > System Settings.

We recommend sorting by the numbers so they are in order the first time you go through them. To do this, click twice on Setting ID so number one is at the top. Please read each one. The Default Value is the default system setting. To make a change, type the new setting in the Your Value box. Click Save at the top left so the changed value will be implemented. Only put something in the Your Value box if you want to change the default value.

See example of a change:

It’s that simple, but it’s important that each one is read and made to work for your practice.

Use Case:

The ABC Therapeutic Group just received their PIMSY software and there are settings to be checked for their specific practice. The users in their practice must log in every day and the administrator wants to limit the number of times the users (staff) can try to log in with an incorrect username or password.

So the administrator goes to the system settings and looks for setting -1 which has the description:   This setting allows you to set the number of login attempts a user gets before their account is suspended.  This is a security measure that helps prevent unauthorized access to the system.

The default value is 3, which means the users are prevented from logging into PIMSY after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

If you prefer more or fewer attempts, this setting needs a new value in the Your Value box, such as 2, 4 or 5.

Now, after you Save, users are allowed only your specified amount of times before they are "locked out."

If you cannot find what you need in this article, please contact Support (email) or call 877.334.8512 ext. 3.

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