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There are many items in the Pick List area which makes this section look overwhelming. Handle it one at a time and you will have your system set up the way it needs to work for your practice. You won't likely edit every item, but they are all available in case you need them for your company.


Two new areas in the Pick List Tree are under Client Misc. for Disclosure Types and Disclosure Reason to be used on the Consent to Release Info Report.


Review every item in Pick List Management. Some tabs will need additional input that is specific to your company. Other tabs are pre-populated. It is good to go ahead and familiarize yourself with the format and available options.

Select a category, such as Race or Gender under Client Demographics. Rows in yellow cannot be edited.


Edit an entry in a white row or add a new entry in the bottom blank row. Save. When you make changes, you will need to Refresh Picklists - under the Utilities menu.


You can also Export the Pick List of your choice to the following formats:


Use Case:

ABC Therapeutic Group only accepts referrals from the school system and physicians per their contract with the state. In order to ensure that only these two referral sources are listed as options in the referral source drop-down in the client’s chart, an ABC administrator (Super User) is going to review and update the information in Pick List Management. The Super User navigates to Pick List Management and selects the Referral Source on the left under Client Demographics. Once the information in the pick list has been updated, the Super User refreshes Pick Lists under the Utilities tab.

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