Installing PIMSY in Windows 7, 8 & 10 (article)

PIMSY is a Microsoft Windows application, which means it runs on a Windows PC or on an instance of Windows on a Mac computer. There is an element of Windows that PIMSY requires on your computer which is “.net 4.0 framework.” The framework is native to Windows and is installed in all recent versions. Most likely, you will not need to download the framework.

However, if you are not sure if you have .net 4.0 or think you may have an incorrect version (older computers), simply go to the PIMSY Help Desk ( to download and install .net 4.0 before you install PIMSY. To find the download, go to the Getting Started section in the PIMSY Zendesk training area. You can download and install the required version of .net 4.0 framework. (link to file:

Once you are sure you have the correct version of .net, you can proceed to install PIMSY. The application will NOT run without the current version of the .net 4.0 framework.

PIMSY is a Windows based application and works best with MS Windows products. We strongly recommend using Internet Explorer browser. We do NOT recommend using other browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox.

In your web browser, navigate to the website provided by your system administrator. This link should end with publish.htm.


Click on Launch or Install. The PIMSY installation will begin.

 Some users MAY see the following window, asking you to Save the setup.exe file:

Click Save File.

Once PIMSY has downloaded, go to your default Downloads folder and double-click on the setup.exe file.

 The PIMSY installation will begin.

Depending on your version of Windows and Internet Explorer browser, you MAY receive the Application Install - Security Warning dialog box because Microsoft doesn’t yet know what the PIMSY application is on your computer. (shown below)

The Open File – Security Warning window should appear.

Click on Install.

During the installation, SOME computers are configured to open security windows like the ones below:

Click on More info.

Check the box next to I understand the risk and want to run this app.
Click on Run Anyway.

PIMSY will then proceed to install the application on your workstation. Remember, no PHI is stored locally when you install PIMSY.


Once installed, follow the directions below to log into PIMSY.


The first time you log into PIMSY, in the next window, enter the URL provided by your system administrator. It is best to copy and paste the URL into this field to be sure it is exactly the same with no typos. Then click the OK button.

You will be prompted to enter the Security Key. This key is essential for secure communications with the application.

For the sake of accuracy, copy and paste the key value as well. Once entered, click the OK button.

Once fully installed, PIMSY will prompt you to log into the application.

Enter your Login ID and Password. Click Login.

PIMSY will then take you to the home page from which you can navigate the rest of the system.

If you cannot find what you need in this article, please contact Support (email) or call 877.334.8512 ext. 3.

There is a PDF version of this article for you to download if you prefer to have a printout:

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