Installing PIMSY (article)

PIMSY is a Microsoft Windows application, which means it runs on a Windows PC or on an instance of Windows on a Mac computer. The installation process is very simple and should only take a few minutes.

There is an element of Windows that PIMSY requires on your computer which is “.net 4.0 framework.” The framework is native to Windows and is installed in all recent versions. Most likely, you will not need to download and install the framework, because it comes with all current versions of the operating system.

If you feel you need the latest version click here: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64)

In your web browser, navigate to the web site provided by your system administrator. This link should end with update.htm. (ex:


Notice there are several links on this page:

  1. Download the .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64)
    This link goes to a Microsoft download/install page. Click on Download.
  2. Click on Run in the Internet Explorer browser or download the .exe file in another browser (click the file to start the installation process) and follow any subsequent directions. The system will let you know if you already have the correct version of .NET on your computer.
  3. FAQs – an article on installing PIMSY and PIMSY Release Notes
  4. Support – contact the PIMSY Support team

On the install web page, click on the Install button. Depending upon your browser you will receive a window like the one below:


Click OK. In the next window at the bottom of the browser window, click RUN.


If you are using another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, download the .exe file and click on the file once it is in your Downloads folder.

The next window is the installation progress bar. Press Start to initiate the install. 


We do NOT recommend that our clients use the Directory button This feature is available for IT system administrators if needed. It is, however, important for you to note the location of the PIMSY files in case you want to remove the application. In most cases, the folder/files will be placed in the following location  C:\Users\Owner\EHR

(see this article for detailed instructions on removing PIMSY from your computer)


You will be prompted to enter your company acronym provided by your company administrator. Click OK.


Click Start again. Click OK.


PIMSY will then proceed to install the application on your workstation. In most cases, this part of the process should take less than a minute. Remember, no PHI is stored locally when you install PIMSY.

If PIMSY has never been installed before, you will be prompted to enter a web service URL and Key. These will be provided to you by your company administrator.

 Once installed and the URL and Key are in place, you will be prompted to log into PIMSY.


Enter your Login ID and Password. Click Login.

PIMSY will then take you to the home page where you can navigate the rest of the system.

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There is a PDF document with the instructions for installing PIMSY attached to this article if you need to print them.

If you cannot find what you need in this article, please contact Support (email) or call 877.334.8512 ext. 3.


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