2014 Newsletters

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December 2014: 2 Days Left to Double Your Good

November 2014: DSM-5 is Important! 

September 2014 B: How Has PIMSY Handled DSM-5?

September 2014: How to Create a Clean Claim Webinar

August 2014: Making the Most of Your Practice Webinar

July 2014: Which codes should you use? And when!?

June 2014: Are you going to get penalized on all of your 2015 reimbursements!?

April 2014: ICD-10 Delayed!

March 2014: "ICD-10 doesn't affect me because we use DSM-5" - FALSE!

Feb 2014: Recording of ICD-10 webinars + PQRS Deadline

Jan 2014: ICD-10 Tools and Webinars

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