Things to Check When PIMSY Will Not install

PIMSY should install on any Windows computer with a VISTA operating system or later.  There are times when certain settings on a Windows device can prevent the download of the PIMSY application.  Below are a few things to check:

  1. .net Framework:  You must have the MS .net 4.0 Framework on your computer for PIMSY to install and run properly.  This framework comes standard on all newer Windows computers but may need to be installed for older ones.  Please refer to this help desk link for information on how to install the .net framework.  .net 4.0 Article
  2. Browser:  Be sure to install PIMSY using the MS Internet Explorer browser.  PIMSY may not install properly from other browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  3. Trusted Site:  If PIMSY won't install, check this:

From Internet Explorer enter the PIMSY install link in the address field and click Enter.  Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security > Trusted Sites, click the Sites button, then click the Add button to add the PIMSY site to the trusted site list.  Close and exit out of the dialog boxes.  PIMSY should install with no further problems.

  1. Proxy:  Occasionally, people run into issues with their internet connection set up as a Proxy Connection.  To check your proxy connection, go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections and click the LAN Settings button. Be sure the "Use Proxy Server for your LAN" box is NOT checked.  Uncheck it if it is and click OK to exit.
  2. Virus Protection:  Sometimes virus protection software can block a PIMSY install or the running of PIMSY on your computer.  If you cannot get PIMSY to install or run, check your virus protection software. To see if this is the issue, temporarily turn off your Virus Protection Firewall and/or the real time protection that it offers in order to see if PIMSY will install and run.  If this solves the issue, be sure you add PIMSY to the virus protection white list so PIMSY will continue to work when you turn the virus protection back on.
  3. Default Settings:  You can also try restoring the Advanced settings in Internet Explorer.  To do this go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > and then press the Restore Advanced Setting button.  Press Ok.  Close the browser and then reopen it and try the download again.  
  4. Corrupted install:  In rare cases, previous installs of PIMSY have become corrupted which prevent the new updated version from installing.  When this is the case, contact your PIMSY Support person (see below) and they can run a special program on your computer to clean up the previous PIMSY install that will allow the new install to complete.
  5. Corrupted User Account:  In very rare cases, the Windows User Account a person logs into becomes corrupted which prevents the download and install of PIMSY. If this is the case, the easiest answer is to create a new user account.  If that is not an option the following link could be of service.   Corrupted User Account and the ClickOnce Error

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